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2011-03-06 04:58:48
Computer Solutions for future Perplexus

Various of us have access to different computer assisted methods from spreadsheets to mainframe technologies. I'm wondering how the introduction of the 64-bit technology might impact upon those using 16 & 32-bit technolgies if 64-bit does not recognise them (some 32-bit programs continue to run at the 64-bit level at the exclusion of others).

I know that it would take "forever" to run a QuickBASIC program to search through the 25 required variables and the potential 25 values of each to arrive at a solution for Charlie's "Super Ken" problem.

I chose Javascript as an alternative vehicle allied of course that QuickBASIC won't run on a 64-bit machine.

My abbreviated listing (part of the HTML tag formating has been removed) looks like:

script language="javascript"
for (a=1;a for (b=1;b if (b != a){
for(c=1;c if(c!=a && c!=b){
for(d=1;d if(d!=a && d!=b && d!=c){
for(e=1;e if(e!=a && e!=b && e!=c && e!= d){
for(y=1;y if(y!=a && y!=b && y!=c && .......... && y!=w && y!=x){
HERE reside the assignments and then the validation of those against the values in the problem. If they are complicit then the solution will be written to screen.

Somewhere between z=6 and z=26 I get a dialog suggesting that, depending on the machine I'm using, a browser message complains about slowness or unresponsiveness.

In his QBasic listings (correct program name[?]) Charlie likes to isolate values with a structure like:
if used(x)=0 then

Unfortunately Javascript does not appear to like that format.
Firstly one needs to define:
var used = new Array()
and then address members of that array like 'used[a]'.

I'm not looking for a solution for my unwieldy method, a Javascript forum is more the place, but I won't reject any thoughts.

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