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2011-08-20 06:35:36
He who spams

This afternoon I noticed that two or three new registerees came 'on-board'.

I qualify the parethesis, the about was concerning some product or some other oddity. In some cases it looked like the site was being thanked for being a valuable site for the person's parasitic needs.

Oddly some of these have an active commercial url as the homepage but some merely have a numeral, most I saw were '180'.

What benefit do these people get by merely posting as users? I understand that "bots" search the body text which is collated into a search engine, but user files? Do "bots" look that far? Does this present a security issue? Must take this up with levik, but would be interested if some one can enlighten in the meantime.

2011-08-20 07:56:57
Re: He who spams

Odd! I copied the text from one, uid=20873, put it into a search engine and was amazed at the number of sites that offered the same phrase, er ... phrase? It was quite a lengthy unfinished paragraph!

2011-12-22 00:47:56
Re: He who spams

There are THOUSANDS of fake users

2011-12-22 01:48:44
Re: He who spams

Unfortunately that is true. Have you noticed that each of those has data copied from some blog, or contains links to something?

The robots/spiders pick these up from various entries on sites where spammers have visited. I'm unsure if those automats read our forums but levik obviously allows "bots" to scan the problems which is one reason for us getting new users (when they do come).

Those spammers really only annoy me when they interfere with the normal daily business routines, like New User Forum. Hopefully levik has blocked the current offender at last.

Why do they do it? Someone may have a better explanation, but seemingly they are fraudulently promoting sites. The "bots" pick up snippets of someone's site and the report count seemingly suggests that the "promoter" has wider agencies than legitimately held. Now there may be more insidious motives but that one makes some sense to me.

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