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A place to come and discuss the features of this site, as well as suggest/request additions and modifications. Oh yeah, and Bug reports too.
2008-02-04 18:56:22
Revealing the official solution

Hello puzzle lovers. My first problem was featured on Perplexus fives days ago, but the solution which I provided still has not been published.

Do I need to take some action to display the solution? If so, what?

Many thanks!

2008-02-04 23:37:31
Re: Revealing the official solution

I'm afraid we Journeymen and Scholars often fail to post solutions; it's one of the neglected tasks. I see from the FAQ, that once you become an apprentice, after having 3 of your puzzles posted, you will be able to publish your own solutions. Until then, only journeymen and scholars can do that. I'll look at your proposed solution, and publish it if ready.

ed bottemiller
2008-09-05 17:47:06
Re: Revealing the official solution

The posting of official solutions seems constrained by the policy to hide the threads after two weeks from initial posting. In cases where there is no agreed solution by the responders to the puzzle, it would be useful to require the initial proposer to present his solution and any related reasoning. In fact, I would hope that there is a vetting process where a proposed problem will not be posted if some in charge are not cognizant of a solution (and related interpretations of the text of the problems). Only exception: jokes, so identified. It is a waste of time to pursue problems which are not clearly stated to preclude ambiguity. This detracts by extension from the overall quality of this site, IMHO.

2008-11-03 05:30:04
Re: Revealing the official solution

the only official policies here are those set by levik. What may seem to be policies outside of his rules are those of agreed compliance by various ones of us over the years, ie, there is no reason for such to be altered with due acceptance (and then that is likely to be by the silent vote of the majority :-( , well with the vastness of those registered, and non-mandatory voting......)

The posting of solutions has been argued before.

Generally prior posters have agreed to post solutions for problems solved after about 2 weeks so as to allow ours the freedom to make a challenge. Yes, the prior comments are hidden unless you want to access them, and this probably addresses one of your issues as to why comments are not on one page.

Prior to posting a problem the JMs get to review 10 problems at any one time. Here we see if a problem has a solution. Clearly none of us has the time, sometimes the skills, to request a solution being made available to a reviewer but that does occur.
That also said, with those thoughts in mind, some reviewers who have an interest in mind are justified in not requesting a solution to a problem for which they feel they have a solution.

There are instances, many in fact, where a solution has not been posted with the problem. At the same time the pre-posted solution needed further work.
In the first instance that is acceptable, we sometimes have issues for which we want answers. One of those is personal, Water Cocoon - Defying Newton , this is something I witnessed for which I had no answer.
Secondly, we find that some solvers actually take our pre-posted solutions further. Since the solution is not posted quite early, the poster has the advantage of updating the solution. Notwithstanding, it is always possible for the poster or even a solver to approach levik to amend a solution; I've done that.

Problems without solutions.

In some respects this issue has been dealt with in the above, however I need to make this point:

One of our scholars of low frequency these days undertook a massive task of forming a team to review problems with solutions that had not been posted. As I recall we had to address against a scale as to whether the proposed solution had been met.

Consider that we are all volunteers, I hope my comments have met the issues voiced. Notwithstanding, I do appreciate that such issues do tend to detract from an amateur site, but more so from a professional location.

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