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A place to come and discuss the features of this site, as well as suggest/request additions and modifications. Oh yeah, and Bug reports too.
2008-02-07 15:15:43
Inserting an image

I've noticed that some published problems include images. This feature could be very useful for some problems that I would like to publish (and even more so for some solutions).

How do I go about including an image in a problem/solution? The usual html code, namely: <IMG SRC=\"filename.jpg\"> hasn't worked for me?

Also, is there a way of searching to check whether a problem has already been addressed in the forum?

Thanks for your attention!

2008-02-07 16:12:33
Re: Inserting an image

1. IMG SRC should work if you give it the http url of your own site, but this is only temporary. You should petition the director (levik) to bring the image onto this site, so that an assured location will always be present. Hopefully, by the time the puzzle gets to the voting queue, levik will have given a permanent home on perplexus and changed the url.

2. There is a search box on the home page that defaults to searching only within the titles of puzzles already on the site. There's a check box to search the text of the puzzle. It's not sophisticated. You can't type in two words and expect those puzzles that have the two words somewhere within them to be found; if you type two words they must appear consecutively in that order with nothing in between. It is case-insensitive, so you need not worry about case. Other than that, there's only a manual search by clicking on the category to see all the puzzles in that category.

2008-02-07 17:57:29
Re: Inserting an image

FrankM, you may also have noticed comment about certain HTML tags being 'reserved'. In some instances some are 'quarantined' until a certain rank is achieved. You will notice the forward slashes in your example. This happens when you do not have the director's conferred privilege to use those.

If you use such tags, or edit problems which contain them, expect certain "corruptions" to occur because the tag has been invalidated. Should this occur one of the scholars will have to re-edit to restore normality (where XHTML has been used it is highly advisable to leave any and all edits to scholars).

In Charlie's first paragraph "so that an assured location will always be present" is important in that all that is essential to the problem is within Perplexus, I'm not referring to definitions at Wolfram or Wikipedia (etc), so any links in solutions should be thought out carefully.

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