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A place to come and discuss the features of this site, as well as suggest/request additions and modifications. Oh yeah, and Bug reports too.
2005-07-20 06:10:12
Don't I get to be a Student now?

... because I would really like to edit my first comment! I met the stated requirements for comments and ratings, and the appropriate time has elapsed. It is supposed to be automatic, correct?

Gail, temporarily Hooked On Perplexus

Federico Kereki
2005-07-20 17:22:37
Re: Don't I get to be a Student now?

It might take up to a day... see what happens tomorrow!

2005-07-24 21:28:22
Re: Don't I get to be a Student now?

you should have been promoted by now, when did you do the ratings?

2005-07-25 01:03:13
Re: Don't I get to be a Student now?

I did 6 ratings over the first 3-4 days I was here, always after doing the problem. It's been a week since I joined now, and still the Novice. I was just about to "Petition Director" because I like to be able to edit my comments if needed.

2005-07-25 11:30:52
Re: Don't I get to be a Student now?

it looks like something is screwed up on the site, i'll contact Levik.

2005-07-26 17:47:42
Re: Don't I get to be a Student now?

Hurray, I'm a student now. Thanks, Juggler -- one (or both) of us must have had success contacting Levik.

2005-07-26 23:59:28
Re: Don't I get to be a Student now?

You can check your petitions by clicking Petition Director and clicking the link "Your petitions" next to "New Petition"; if it says "Answered" in bold next to the petition, it means levik has gotten back to you.

2005-07-27 04:08:14
Re: Don't I get to be a Student now?

off topic:

Gail, your avatar makes me think of the depressed oval in the commercial for some anti-depressant. He also had a the starring role for some anti-social-anxiety medicine.

2005-07-27 04:38:01
Re: Don't I get to be a Student now?

Thanks, Gamer -- this site has so many features! I'll check that one out.

LOL Nikki, my son totally agrees with you; we just had a good chuckle. Note to self: *must get happier avatar*

2006-11-11 07:38:40
Re: Don't I get to be a voter now?

I can now vote on whether new problems can come in, but how do you do it?

Sorry for changing the subject

2006-11-11 10:08:04
Re: Don't I get to be a Student now?

Paddy? Please look at the requirement for Journeyman, it says 6 approved problems.

Your profile info says that you have had 4 posted. Currently you have no others for consideration. You need to have 2 more accepted.

When you see Journeyman beneath your name, you will also see a link for how many new puzzles there are. You go there.


2006-11-13 14:22:43
Re: Don't I get to be a Student now?

Now would be a great time to submit more problems if you have any good ones. It used to take over 3 months for a problem to make it to the top of the queue but lately its been taking just a few days.

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