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A place to come and discuss the features of this site, as well as suggest/request additions and modifications. Oh yeah, and Bug reports too.
2006-11-06 13:02:37
Puzzles wanted

It has come to our attention that the puzzle queue has recently shrunk from about 300 to 50 problems. This is still last a little while, but some of us are alarmed. So now, I would like to encourage everyone to try submitting puzzles.

Why should you submit puzzles?
1. It's fun. Your ideas appear on the front page.
2. You would be supporting everyone's favorite website, Perplexus. Without your help, Perplexus will not disappear, but we may be forced to slow posting to the rate of one puzzle a day. The other side effect is that soon, the majority of puzzles will be ones authored by K Sengupta.
3. In the past, people have complained that it takes three or more months of waiting for a submitted problem to be considered. This is no longer a problem! The wait is currently on the order of one day.

How do you submit puzzles?
From the FAQ:
"To submit a problem go here. Note that you cannot post a problem if you are a Novice on the site. (Don't worry though - if you are active on the site, posting comments and rating problems you should be promoted to Student within a couple of days.)"

When you submit a puzzle, you can check on them by clicking on the "Your problems" link below the logout button. Then you click on any of the "Problem" links corresponding to each of your problems. When your problem nears the front of the queue, upper-ranking members will vote on and discuss your problem.

What do we look for in a puzzle?
1. Originality is not necessary. You may take it from somewhere else, or invent your own.
2. Clarity is vitally important. If we can't figure out what the question is, the puzzle is impossible.
3. For ideas, look at the category tree. The "General" category contains puzzles that don't fit into any category.
4. It is our policy to reject puzzles that are already in the archives. But we don't expect you to look through the 2000+ problems in the archives--we'll do that for you.

But don't let these worry you too much. We will help you fix any problems you run into.

I hope to see some new members participating!

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