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This is a place to ask questions about math terminology, and to post links to other resources out on the web.
2005-08-18 00:55:48
Suduko same?

Is Suduko the same as Number Place or slightly different? I read on two different sites (wiki and another one) that said different things...

In addition, would it be good for that to be on perplexus?

2005-08-18 04:43:22
Re: Suduko same?

I thought for a moment that you meant "Sudoku". I ran a "google" on Suduko, Sudoku and Number Place. Well, you were referring to the same concept that I was thinking about anyway.

Which is the correct spelling? Both appear to have equal usage. In those searches the words "Number Place" appear to be used synonymously.

Here are two sites that I looked at. The second actually produces grids of higher dimensions, you get to choose.

Good on Perplexus? Maybe, but I don't think we should expect Levik to write the code though he could be asked to install it.

But then, maybe Levik would agree to listing one or two links to sites which offer the game.

2005-08-18 16:44:54
Re: Suduko same?

What I meant was posing a Suduko as a problem on perplexus

2005-08-18 18:32:20
Re: Suduko same?


And, as Brianjn pointed out, I should have named it Sudoku.

2005-08-19 00:44:24
Re: Suduko same?

Gamer, I believe that I have seen one such puzzle posted recently (well, it could be a few months back.

Hugo, Ah yes, that was the one "There is something missing". No, I'm not concerned about the title, my main contention was about the the correct Japanese spelling [Sudoku or Suduko - I believe that the first is correct referring I think, with some context to the number 9]

2005-08-19 08:58:45
Re: Suduko same?

Yeah, Sudoku is a shortened version of a Japanese phrase meaning "one number only" or something along those lines.

I bought a book of them a while back and solved them from cover to cover, and in the end I started to think they were a little boring. It's pretty much like the "fill-in-the-grid" logic puzzles - it gets to be almost completely mechanical. The only interesting bit is to be as efficient as possible. In the most difficult ones, you sometimes need to check every line and sometimes every square before you can find the one number you can add, but eventually you develop a kind of "sixth-sense" of where you are most likely to be able to develop further.

In the end I figured it's a bit like minesweeper. You know every puzzle is solvable, and you know if you take it slow enough you can solve every puzzle, but if you want to have fun you need to try to solve it as fast as possible, and that meanw sometimes jumping ahead and making assumptions that aren't necessarily warrented.

Aspiring Novice
2005-08-19 11:05:37
Re: Suduko same?

Minesweeper rocks! My best times:
Beginner: 3 seconds
Intermediate: 29 secs
Expert: 94 secs
What are your best times?

2005-08-19 18:10:02
Re: Suduko same?

Sudoku can get boring but is a good puzzle and hard, well designed puzzles can have a step hidden within them that requires a unique piece of latteral thinking. Only do hand made one too, computer generated versions always stick to the rules they are programmed with and are boring once u get good.

2005-08-19 18:18:49
Re: Suduko same?

Try Kakuro, Nurikabe, Slitherlink and other Japanese logic puzzles too for a change from Sudoku.
2005-09-25 01:17:27
Re: Suduko same?

There's free Kakuro puzzles over at this site:

Kevin Pluck
2005-10-02 20:25:52
Re: Suduko same?

Kakuro is very different to Sudoku. I found it a different challenge as the logic isn't as cut and dry as Sudoku - or I haven't found a decent pattern to it yet. But what I did need was a quick way of finding out what combinations where needed that added up to the value, so during a moment of dreadful boredom I made a table of them, call it cheating, call it a tool I don't care as you don't have to use it if you don't want to!

Aspiring Novice
2005-10-16 23:41:40
Re: Suduko same?

I have a good collection of kakuro puzzles at

They are free. You can play the puzzles on windows computers.

2005-10-17 09:04:28
Re: Suduko same?

I have a good collection of kakuro puzzles at

They are free.

Pardon?? Are you directing us to YOUR collection, or as I suspect, one which we may freely accept via your direction?

Either way, those following such activities will be greatful!

Er??? Do you get 'kick-backs' (remuneration for this) if so give Perplexus a small honorarium!

Yoogi Games
2005-10-19 00:17:35
Re: Suduko same?

oh, no. I dont get any kick-backs. I have created cross-sum puzzles, and I am offering them to everyone for free.

As of now there are only 35 games in widnows downloadable game (to reduce the download size. I will be offering 30 games pack every month so that first download size is kept small, and everyone get to solve swame 30 puzzles every month).

If Perplexus wants I can give them an applet and puzzles so that they can let their visitors play kakuro on their site! This is a free offer.

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