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This is a place to ask questions about math terminology, and to post links to other resources out on the web.
2005-11-01 22:56:45
need an educated philosopher

i have been put down by my peers and laughed at because i think and ask them about what they think on subjects like metaphysics they all say jeff it doesnt matter or "i dont care" so heres the question

Would anyone like to stay in contact via email to help answer any questions i have on Metaphysics, Epistimology, Philosophy and other subjects like that?

currently im trying to comprehend that EVERY animal is concious i try to realize everyone i meet is ALWAYS doing somthing and how could anyone possibley understand all that. trying to imagine EVERYONE always doing somthing at anypoint in time. is it just my lack of mental clarity? or is it incomprehensible? to understand that people as concious as yourself they feel and think just as you do but i have never truly been able to understand anyone have comments? that raises more questions about the limits of humans and what we precieve as the truth.......i have nobody to ask emailme (if you decide to at

2005-11-01 22:58:25
Re: need an educated philosopher

grr sorry for the horrible sentance structure and punctuation

2005-11-01 23:41:00
Re: need an educated philosopher

I think you can discuss that here; we had a lot of posts on the Existence of God forum.

2005-11-02 02:40:22
Re: need an educated philosopher

Jeffrey, it doesn't matter.

Federico Kereki
2005-11-02 08:55:56
Some ideas

I'm not a philosopher, educated or otherwise, but here are my $0.02.

If you come to accept that your consciousness arises from your brain's workings (instead of having a "soul" that mystically interacts with your body) then you will come to see your brain as a computer (carbon based, not silicon) and you will have no problems accepting that a person or animal can "multitask" and do many things at the same time -- just as a computer does.

Federico Kereki
2005-11-02 08:58:12
Some recommended books

I would suggest reading books by Daniel Dennett and by Richard Dawkins. The former has several books on consciousness, and the latter helps with the "mechanistic" view of the soul-less body.

2005-11-02 10:50:47
Re: need an educated philosopher

Notice that you can be speaking, thinking about what you write, listening to music, all at the same time... and don't forget breathing, digesting, making your heart pump, and many other functions that are "below brain level".

2005-11-02 22:13:11
nullius in verba

ok now following the "nothing in words"

what validation would the bible have?

Federico Kereki
2005-11-03 06:47:17
Bible validation?

The Bible has no validation -- most of its historical facts are doubtful, and all its miracles require (and allow only) the "God did it, that's it" explanation.

2005-11-04 01:29:36
Re: need an educated philosopher

That's not true. The Bible does have at least some validation, and it does allow other explainations than "God did it, that's it" such as "God did it, and based on what we know from science, this might be how he did it..." I'm not about to spend time researching to prove my point since I can't tell you off-hand. But, you shouldn't just take my word for it either (or Federico's).

2005-11-07 19:26:46
Re: need an educated philosopher

<< Jeffrey, it doesn't matter. >>


if we are all just figments of some aliens imagination then i want to be the part of the imagination that makes the most money.


find whatever makes you happiest and pursue that.

2005-11-08 08:27:04
To Brad

There are many contradictions in the Bible -- just look at Genesis 1, and try to make the TWO different Creation stories match...

Also, there are many false things. For example, the fossiles evidence implies there was no Flood. Physics implies the Sun didn't orbit the Earth at Joshua's time -- and the Earth didn't stop either. Earth isn't flat, or square either, and stars aren't holes in the firmament.

The fundamnetalist idea of using the Bible as a Science textbook is idiotic. How did the line about Caesar and God go...?

2005-11-14 16:34:17
Re: need an educated philosopher

There are contradictions and falsehoods in the world around us, that dosen't mean it's all made up.
Or does it ?

There can be only one reality but there are an infinite number of possible alien dreams, so the probability of this not being an alien dream is aproximately P (ie. an infinitesimal quantiyt (see pid=86)).

ed bottemiller
2008-09-26 19:37:15
Re: need an educated philosopher

Just came across this (from c. three years ago) as a newcomer to Perp. Any threads still active in this arena?

2008-09-26 23:26:55
Re: need an educated philosopher

You can address any of the threads in these forums but whether anyone wants to follow up is anybody's business.

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