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This is a place to ask questions about math terminology, and to post links to other resources out on the web.
2006-09-06 23:31:08
square root of x^6 = X^3 (solve inequal

(square root) X^6 = X^3 (solve the inequality)

apparently you cant just multiply 6 by 1/2 to get x^3=X^3 .... suggestions on an answer and why?

Dej Mar
2006-09-07 02:02:17
Re: square root of x^6 = X^3 (solve inequal

As an example to why the two are not "equal", try substituting 2 for x then -2 for x and compare the results. You will note that the negative value raised to an even power will become a positive value, while raised to an odd power still results in a negative.

2006-09-08 00:10:30
Re: square root of x^6 = X^3 (solve inequal

So if x=0 then it's equal. Any suggestions on steps to solve or an initial step i must perform?

2006-11-05 19:00:55
Re: square root of x^6 = X^3 (solve ine

The neatest way is to do the substitution y=x^3, giving us y^2=y, or y^2 - y = 0 (to put in quadratic form). Solve for y, thence extract required values of x.
In this case, y(y-1)=0, so y=0 or 1, so x=0 or 1.

Always be aware that sqrt() always has a +ve and -ve solution. Not a problem here though.


PS. It's an EQUALITY, not an INequality...

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