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This is a place to ask questions about math terminology, and to post links to other resources out on the web.
2006-11-16 11:48:57
Real-world problem

Hi all,

(if anyone is still here that was around when I was: good to see you again!)

I will be faced with a real-world logic problem on Monday. I know very well the rules against posting problems in the forums, but 1) I wouldn't think this is a 'plexus-worthy problem, 2) I don't know if it has a solution, 3) I'm asking to get help from a bunch of clever people, not to show off my new logic problem.

Here's the set up: I have data files on each of 100 computers in a computer lab. Each data file is distinct. I need to get each data file onto each computer. That is, all 100 computers need to have all 100 data files.

The computers are not networked (that would be too easy). The "easiest" way to do this would be to go to each computer with a CD-RW and burn all the data, and then go back to each computer to unload all the data. Naturally, this will require me to put a CD in 200 times, and wait while data burns/unloads. As this will happen in serial, it will take a long time.

However, I have an unlimited number of CD-RWs (well, 20), and two or three people that could help me.

I feel sure that there is a more efficient system of getting all the data onto every computer. I envision us all working in parallel, transferring chunks here and there.

So... is there a more efficient solution?

Thanks for any thoughts!

2006-11-16 11:53:26
Re: Real-world problem

Oh wait!

Ok, I have one solution. I don't know if it's the most efficient.

The three of us divide the room in three. We each grab the data off 33 computers, and load it all onto the 100th. Then we burn all 100 files onto three CDs, and go back and put the data on 33 computers each.

Hmmm... that sounds pretty good. I guess that's the benefit of writing out the problem...

Let me know if you think of any betting system!

2006-11-16 11:54:07
Re: Real-world problem

betting = better. I see there's still no way to edit posts. ;)

2006-11-16 17:37:34
Re: Real-world problem

Actually this wouldn't be a bad problem, maybe tweak it a little since the problem is already on the site

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