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2007-08-11 04:37:28
How many TUs?


About how many thumbs up should we let a problem get before we stop voting on it? I mean after about five or so it does not matter too much either way. What does everyone think? If I really like a problem should we let it get to 10?

Vernon Lewis
2007-08-11 13:35:31
Re: How many TUs?

How I vote.
TU's: I only give a TU to problems I actually like. If 4 or 5 are already present I see my TU as a reminder/prompt to Scholars that I would like to see it considered for pushing.
TD's: My TD's are only ever given if I find a flaw with a problem - either a duplicate or very rarely too easy a problem. I never TD just because I don't like a particular problem. I always list the actual concern.
If I have a minor concern (obvious spelling error etc.) I give a may give a temp. TU or TD (especially if my vote will take the count to +3 or -3)
I sometimes TU without checking the answer - depending on the author or opinion of other Scholars/JM. However I always try to have Ciphers checked first

2007-08-12 05:08:39
Re: How many TUs?

Generally my sentiments are much like those expressed by Vernon Lewis.

I will sometimes TU a problem if there is a danger that what is possibly good might be erased before the author has a chance to address an issue.

There is one point in Vernon's comments which needs some clarification, see his last sentence. On scholars have the ability to check an answer that a poster may have offered. When assessing problems we may ask the scholars to make a check on our behalf (but we don't get to see the solution) or we might suggest that author email the solution to one of us. This puts Vernon's comment in proper perspective for anyone with any concerns or uncertainties.

2007-08-13 21:06:46
Re: How many TUs?

Thanks for the input,

I am about the same wavelength as both of you on this. Especially on TUing problems I like only. It seems as if there maybe or may have been some(one) now or in the past that TUs everything. As far as TDing, I suppose I would be about the sameas well. Just because I do not like a particular problem(type) does not mean someone else does not. Some problems are just way beyond me so I would never TU one that I am just not intelligent enough to solve.

2007-08-14 03:17:43
Re: How many TUs?

Peer moderation is a strong point of this site in that 'fine-tuning' of problems usually ensures that the 'best' presentation of a poster's problem occurs.

In looking at this thread, and realising that, while you have had membership here for some time, you have just recently decided to become actively engaged, I understand why you have posted this under this forum.

This would have been better posted under General Discussion or Commons. It would likely get more exposure there.

2007-08-14 03:29:05
Re: How many TUs?

Please post further comments at:

this location.

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Sarra Losen
2018-09-07 18:31:33
Re: How many TUs?

I will sometimes TU a problem if there is a danger that what is possibly good might be erased before the author has a chance to address an issue.

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