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This is a place for new users and visitors to come to introduce themselves, or ask questions about the site. We'd love to know how you found us!
2009-01-16 04:40:49
No Subject

found this serendipitously through and, curiously, I wish to keep my brain limber.

2009-01-16 19:02:30
Re: No Subject

Stick around then, there's a lot here to try your mind, and certainly more to come.

Welcome to our community.

Lloyd Peter
2009-01-20 03:57:52

I am new here. I am quite curious about all the participants that are willingly to contribute puzzles. Are they really smart? A question has to be brought to debate since no reward and no appreciation from members for those that contribute puzzles. The smarter are those that seek for rewards for every puzzles contributors.
May be puzzles solvers and puzzles creators are only smart in name and not in mind since, to what I see in this site, nothing could benefit any puzzles contributors or solvers and they simply bring out tricky problems and solving them.
Members seem to be argumentative and not co-orerative.
Some questions that are set tricky, but I think only those people that are under age could find interest in this site.
I ponder any toughest puzzles in this site that could not be solvable..

2009-01-20 04:21:59
Re: No Subject

If you want very tough puzzles, go to "Top Rated Problems" section and try solving them or unsolved old puzzles.

This site is for those who enjoy solving problems and creating new ones. Of course, what are the actual benefits you are looking for? :P

Vernon Lewis
2009-01-20 05:22:30
Re: No Subject

Lloyd Peter.
What reward do you get for making comments before you have seen the full situation. (As a Novice there a limits to your access to the site)
There is more to life than the pursuit of riches. I feel sad that you obviously believe so and miss out on so much else.
"Intellectual growth should commence at birth and cease only at death."
This quote from Albert Einstein sums up my reasons for involvement in Perplexus.
As a Novice you have not had the opportunity to see the cooperation between Perplexus members in creating and solving puzzles. Please take a little more time to overcome your inexperience.
But if Perplexus is still not for you then so be it. Go to other sites.
And Yes, I am Smart and most of the Perplexus Puzzlers are much smarter than me.

2009-01-20 05:27:54
Re: No Subject

Dismiss this.

Either LP has had presented something under another name, or is represented someone whose problem has been debated and rejected, he/she cannot know the process.

Sour grapes? If not the admin group would like to know further.

2009-01-20 05:34:12
Lloyd Peter


My prior missile overrode your place in this sequence.

That we have a quarrel with this I humbly regret. You should have signaled your intent whilst I was composing!!!!!



unless this person has something constructive to offer the Forums General Discussion is a good place for 'him' (assumedly) to go.

Lloyd Peter
2009-01-21 01:13:23

I have just visit your site yesterday and I have found arguments among your people in the Forum. To my surprise, nothing worth or praising for this site. Only one party mentions and it might seem worth in joining. However, the rest of the people, to my understanding from that Forum, kept on condemning this site.

From my perspective view from the Forum, majority of the puzzles contributors and solvers from this site should be sub-standdard.

In common sense, nobody could condemn his/her own site since they want to attract more new comers to come. Those sites that keep on condemning their sites must be those that are low in intellectual minds. What good puzzles could derive from these people are my main concern.

I hope that you would not be offended since this is my personal view.

For instance, if that Forum has to be brought out to be the front page of this site. Many new comers would leave this site immediately since it shows no worth of joining.

2009-01-21 02:02:05
Re: No Subject

I trust that I have not similarly offended you in my prior comments; not being in a face to face situation one can hardly judge exactly the other person's point of view.

Consider the Forums as being just that. They are there for people to express a range of issues many of which have little to do with the problems around which this site focuses.

The site was built as a hobby by levik several years ago. There have been many fertile minds presenting here, and they have left their respective fingerprints. We have evolve a range of presentation techniques; some of those are indicative of our evolution, but then sometimes we employ something quick!

I'm certain that you will find many problems worthy of your intellect amongst those listed behind the Unsolve Puzzles link.

And, should you ask, no, I am but a 'senior' member of this site.

If you wish to discuss this further you may draw more useful comment by posting to Forums General Discussion.

Many thanks for your returned comments.

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