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This is a place for new users and visitors to come to introduce themselves, or ask questions about the site. We'd love to know how you found us!
2004-11-10 18:51:02
hey im new here

hey im new here and i like some of these problems so can you help me find my way around?

Erik O.
2004-11-10 21:18:31
Re: hey im new here

On the main page you can either check out the lastest puzzles (the one on top is new twice a day, except on weekends when it's new once a day).

The one directly under the new one changes every time you refresh the page, and that one's taken from the pool of 30 bazillion puzzles which are now on the site. Most of those will have solutions posted already but feel free to add your own comments or rate them.

If you find you like certain types of puzzles better than others, you can click on the categories above the daily puzzle and find your favorite type.

If you have a favorite puzzle that you can't find on the site, submit it.

2005-03-04 01:31:40
Re: hey im new here

Hey everyone! I was wondering if any of you out there could help me solve this logic problem...thanx

Willie the wild animal hunter is lost in the wild. He knows that two native tribes occupy the area- the TRUTH TELLERS and the HABITUAL LIARS. The TRUTH TELLERS always tell the truth and the HABITUAL LIARS always lie and are cannibals. At the end of the day, Willie comes to a fork in the road where a native is standing. What is the one question that Willie can ask the native so that he is sure to be directed to the TRUTH TELLERS village

2005-03-07 19:56:18
Re: hey im new here

Hi asya, if you want "help" with that problem you have definetly come to the right place!.

Ask the native the folowing question "If I asked one of the members of the tribe you are not part of which way leads to the truth telles, what would he say?"

Whatever path he indicates you should take the opposite one, since there will allways be one (and only one) lie in his answer.

2005-03-07 19:58:38
Re: hey im new here

Oh, and if you want Wille to be directly directed to the TRUTH TELLERS village, then the question should be, "If I asked one of the members of the tribe you are not part of which way leads to the HABITUAL LIARS, which one would he indicate?"

Federico Kereki
2005-03-08 11:49:36
Re: hey im new here

You can find this problem, and many more like it, in the KNIGHTS AND LIARS category.

2005-04-27 16:35:50
Re: hey im new here

hey i'm new i found this place by xanga this is cool... :)

Erik O.
2005-04-27 20:16:10
Re: hey im new here

Although we're not supposed to answer puzzles in the forum, this one has already been answered...

Here's a less confusing solution: Ask the native "Which way takes me to YOUR village?"

2005-04-27 20:33:11
Re: hey im new here

If I were to ask the forum rules, what would they say? ;)

Feng P. Po
2005-04-28 03:32:58
Re: hey im new here

I'm also new here. I just want to be acquainted with puzzles, be able to solve them as well, and post too. I have a feeling that I've found the right place for me here. Hey,,,and i also want to know real cool people here!! ;-)

2005-05-05 20:49:33
Re: hey im new here

hmmm im new here too im too good at puzzles though lol

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