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2005-06-06 21:47:12

What are comments posted with 'hsdhfkd(spoiler)'? They seem to indicate to me that the solution is given away or contained within but probably four out of five posts attempt to give or explain the solution. Why are some listed as spoiler and some not?

Aspiring Novice
2005-06-06 22:08:46
Re: (spoiler)

Hello John,

First note the status of the icon for the comment. Some light bulbs mean the comment has the full solution, some mean "just thoughts", some mean they have a question.

So if someone used the "solution" lightbulb, then they probably wouldn't bother putting (spoiler) in there title.

However, there are some comments where the find the ANSWER, but they haven't PROVEN anything (which is the full solution). (for instance, someone could find a formula that solves a sequence, but they didn't geometrically prove what that meant). Therefore they wouldn't pick the "solution" lightbulb since they didn't truly find a solution, but they are giving something away so they want to alert people to a spoiler.

Hope that helps!

2005-06-07 15:06:52
Re: (spoiler)

Sometimes the one who posts the 'spoiler' knows the answer, but gives others the benefit of the challenge. This may be in the form of a hint. Sometimes it may be a solution that has been computer generated having bypassed the human think solution.

Sometimes such comments are posted by people who want to give others a chance at something that they already know, without giving it all away.

Sometimes it may be that someone has gained an insight, can see the solution, but again falls short of giving the solution so that others may still be chalenged.

And then there are the spoilers that are computer generated. Mostly these are real spoilers!

2005-06-07 16:01:10
Re: (spoiler)

Note also (no spoiler!).

Sometimes people work out the answer, but don't want to ruin it for others. They might just post the solution with no explanation, or, for example on cryptography problems, might write a message in that code without explaining how to decode it.

In all cases it must be said that solutions / spoilers should never be placed in the comment title (where people can't help but see it, even if they didn't want to).

2005-06-07 17:21:42
Re: (spoiler)

Thanks all,

That clears it up for me.

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