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Numbered Letters (Posted on 2003-07-17) Difficulty: 3 of 5
If each letter has a value (a=1, b=2, c=3 etc.) what words have a total letter value of exactly 100 when you add up all of the letters?

Are there any words that equal 100 if the letter values are swapped (z=1, y=2.....a=26)?

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Solution Words for part A | Comment 7 of 28 |
The computer finds for part A (A=1,...,Z=26):
abatements, abettors, absconders, acclimation, accumulate, acknowledge, acolytes, acquitted, activates, addressing, adiabatically, adulthood, advantaging, adverting, affectation, airdrops, alienation, alkalinize, alternated, ambulating, amiableness, amphiboles, amputees, analysis, anchoritic, anginous, animaters, annually, answerable, anterior, apoplectic, appeasers, appertain, applying, appointed, apropos, aquamarine, arbitrages, archdiocesan, archenemies, arrests, arrivals, asbestos, atonally, attitude, attunes, auctorial, audiophile, augments, autoclave, automated, avocation, avouching, awfully, backswept, backtracking, backwardly, baguettes, balletomane, bandwagons, barkeepers, bedazzles, bedposts, beginnings, benediction, bespreading, bestirred, bestridden, bettering, bevellers, bewitching, biathlons, bipartite, birthmark, biweeklies, blasphemes, blastoffs, blazoning, blissful, bolstered, boondoggled, bootblacks, bootery, boozers, borrowed, boskiest, botanist, bouillon, boulevard, boundary, bowknot, boycott, breviary, bronchus, bronzy, browser, bruiting, burnished, byplays, cacophony, camphorate, candidature, cannibalized, captaincies, cardiograph, carotenes, carouser, carpenter, carroty, caryatids, catechisms, causeries, censurable, centipedes, ceramicist, chaplaincies, charwomen, chastening, chemurgy, cherishing, chimpanzee, chondrule, choppers, chortles, chromium, chucklers, clarifiers, cleanliest, clinically, clockwise, clotting, clumsier, coarsest, coasters, coattails, colleagues, collecting, commandeered, companion, comport, condensate, confabulate, confederated, congeners, congenital, congress, conjoint, conjugated, conjunct, connivance, conniver, consigns, contented, cookout, coonskin, corkiest, corridor, costumed, cotters, coulombs, courses, courter, cousins, coverlet, coverup, coyness, crankiest, cravenly, creepiest, creosote, crimsoned, crudity, cruising, crummier, crusts, culture, curettage, cutlets, cutout, cutups, debarkation, debaucheries, decalcomanias, declarative, declension, decorous, deescalating, defections, deflators, degausses, deliberates, delineating, deliquesce, delivery, delouses, demobilize, demodulate, denominate, denounces, depletion, deploring, derogating, desegregated, desiccative, designers, desolates, despatches, deterring, dewberry, diagonally, digestive, dinginess, disarranged, discernible, discipline, disclaiming, discommode, discredited, disjoint, dislodging, distancing, distrait, divinely, diviners, divorcees, dockyards, dominates, dooryard, doubleheader, doughty, draftsmen, driveling, drizzle, droopier, drossy, dualities, ducklings, ebullient, ecstasies, egoistical, ejections, electives, elephants, elsewhere, emasculate, embodiment, emboldening, embowers, emendation, emptily, encapsuled, encumbers, enlivens, entrains, envoys, equalized, equipages, espouse, eulogize, eventual, evolves, excavates, excellent, excerpted, excoriate, execrates, exigencies, explains, explodes, extendible, extracted, falseness, falsities, farrows, fatalistic, fatherhood, fattiest, feldspars, ferments, ferrites, ferryman, filtering, finitely, firebricks, flagellates, fluorine, flurry, foredoomed, forefoot, forewarn, forgiver, forsaking, fountain, freshest, friendlier, furcular, garnishes, gauntlet, gauntly, generating, geographer, germanely, gladiolus, glimpses, glissando, glittered, glorifies, glutamate, godparent, goldbricks, governs, grappling, graybeards, grenadiers, grimiest, groggily, grouper, grouts, grovelled, grumpy, guarantied, guttier, gypsies, halftones, hammerers, haranguing, harmonics, harrying, healthily, hegemonies, hemoglobin, highways, hinderers, hirsute, hitchhikes, hobbyist, hollandaise, hollering, holograph, honeycomb, honoring, hooligans, hooters, hospital, hotness, housemen, howlers, humblest, hungrier, hussies, hydrates, identifies, ideologies, imbroglio, immature, immitigable, impaneling, imported, impotence, inadequacy, inanities, inapplicable, incubating, inductees, inefficient, infernos, inferring, inflation, ingrown, inkiness, innately, innovate, inoculate, insecticide, intellect, interbreed, interfaces, interfere, irritate, isolates, jimmying, jostles, judiciary, junkets, keyboards, keyholes, kibitzer, kissers, knothole, knouts, kohlrabies, lacquerer, lagniappes, lambskins, laminating, landscaping, languished, largeness, lavenders, leaderless, leaseholds, liberalism, liberator, ligaments, lightest, lightning, likelihood, liminess, limpidly, loginess, lowlands, lubricant, luckiest, macrocosm, magnetize, mailboxes, maintains, mantises, marauders, marinates, marshalcy, martinet, martingale, masochism, mastoids, matchless, matrons, maximize, measurer, mercantile, mercurial, merganser, merrily, midpoint, mimickers, minuses, minuter, mirrored, miscopy, misdirect, miseducate, mittens, moderates, molecular, mollifies, moodiest, morphemic, motors, mourns, mousier, mufflers, mummify, nastily, negotiated, neoclassic, nesters, nestling, nihilist, ninepins, nonbreakable, noncausal, nondairy, nonhuman, nosebleeds, nostalgic, notional, novellas, nucleates, nutty, obscenely, operetta, orients, ornament, oscillated, osculated, outflank, outlined, outrank, outreached, outset, overboard, overbore, ovulated, palpitate, panderers, panhandling, papists, paramecium, parleyer, pastiches, pasture, pathless, pedagogues, pedicures, penchants, percents, performed, perilune, permits, personage, personal, perturb, phalanxes, pharisees, phlebitis, piggybacks, pilaster, pilloried, pistachio, pitying, plastered, plateaux, playgirl, playoffs, plebiscite, plenties, plenums, plummet, plunging, pocketing, postdate, posting, postpaid, potbellied, pothook, potpies, pounding, pouring, powders, practicing, preadapts, predeceases, predicates, preeners, preformed, preludes, preordain, prepays, presser, prevent, primary, printer, problems, procured, producer, profaning, profiles, profuse, progeny, proofing, propjet, proscenia, prosier, publicly, pumpkin, pursue, pussy, putter, pyritic, quadrangle, qualmish, quarry, quarter, quicklime, quints, radarscope, radiocarbon, raillery, raincoats, rasters, ravelling, ravisher, reaccusing, rearguing, reattaches, receptor, reciprocal, recreating, redeploy, redesigns, redounds, redrying, referring, refinancing, refinery, refuting, regimented, regressed, regroup, regrown, reimpose, reissued, remedying, renovate, repress, reprint, reprobate, repulsed, reputable, reradiates, reschedule, researcher, resents, reshipped, reshuffle, residues, resolved, responded, restaging, restocked, restore, resumes, resurfaced, retaught, retiring, retrenched, reversal, revives, rewound, rewraps, ricochets, ridicules, riptides, rituals, riverbank, roadblocks, roadster, rockiest, roomful, roommate, ruddiest, rulings, sagebrush, saintly, salacious, satiating, savory, schematics, scrapbook, screwier, sculpted, scuttle, secreting, selective, semaphore, septicemia, services, session, settles, setups, shadowing, shakedown, shakeups, sharpens, shattered, shibboleth, shipyard, shivers, shooter, shortcake, shovels, shredders, shrewder, shrieking, sightly, simulate, siphons, skewers, skimpier, sleepyhead, slenderer, slithered, slumps, slyest, smirching, smirking, smitten, smokers, sneerful, snipers, snivels, snobbery, snubbers, socialism, sodomite, soother, soughing, sources, soybeans, spacewalked, sparkler, spenders, spiciest, spirited, splashy, spouted, sprucer, squares, squaws, squint, staggerer, stagiest, stalemated, standards, stanzas, starers, starfish, starling, status, steamers, stemming, steppes, stockier, stonier, stooges, stools, stoves, strains, strangled, straws, stress, striding, striker, stuccos, styles, sublimes, subsume, sucrose, suffocated, sunders, sunnier, surcharge, surely, swankier, swashing, sweatier, sweetened, swifter, swimmer, swirls, swollen, syndicate, tabernacles, tailcoats, tailgating, tailspin, tallying, tangents, tattooed, taxying, telegrams, telephone, telescope, temperance, temporal, tensely, tetanus, tetrahedra, thalidomide, theists, therefore, thickening, thievish, thirty, thorny, threatened, thriver, thumbnail, tinkerer, toboggans, toilets, tolerated, tooting, towards, towers, traction, transom, trembling, triplet, triply, troller, tropics, troths, trounced, trudging, truism, tsunamic, tubules, tularemia, tummies, turkey, turnoff, tussled, twisted, typefaces, unaltered, unavailable, unbeholden, unbeloved, unbounded, unbridgeable, unbroken, unchaining, uncombined, underdone, undergird, underlay, undress, unequaled, unfasten, unfreeze, unhorse, unironed, unkempt, unmanly, unmown, unrelated, unshelled, unwarned, unwove, upsets, urbanized, urologic, urticaria, useless, utensil, vacuums, variety, varnished, venation, venially, verbalize, verdicts, vinous, violins, vivifier, volleyed, vortical, vouchsafe, voyaging, warpers, watchdogs, wattles, weariest, weeniest, whenever, whirling, whiskey, whisking, whistled, wholesale, whooper, whorish, wigglers, windfalls, wirehaired, wizards, woodblock, wriggles, writing, wronger, yappers,
  Posted by Charlie on 2003-07-17 16:39:10
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