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Numbered Letters (Posted on 2003-07-17) Difficulty: 3 of 5
If each letter has a value (a=1, b=2, c=3 etc.) what words have a total letter value of exactly 100 when you add up all of the letters?

Are there any words that equal 100 if the letter values are swapped (z=1, y=2.....a=26)?

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Solution Words for Part B | Comment 8 of 28 |
For part B (A=26,...,Z=1) the computer finds:

abbey, acrid, acronym, action, actuary, acutest, adonis, adores, adverts, airports, aligns, alimony, alumna, amazons, anatomy, aneurysm, ankles, antlers, apostasy, ardent, arming, arrowroot, ascent, asthma, atomists, atomize, atwitter, austere, bacon, bakery, ballot, balsa, basal, basils, bassist, batiks, batten, befog, bequest, betters, bevies, bilge, blazons, blocks, blusters, bonbon, bonnets, booing, bootee, border, brazers, bricks, brownest, bucket, bulbuls, burled, burring, cages, cahoot, calumny, calves, calyxes, canary, capers, carats, catch, cation, caved, ceder, chain, chalk, chantry, charms, chewer, china, chrome, citing, citric, civvies, clamor, clean, climax, codify, comics, conchs, conger, controls, converts, coolest, copying, corkers, cosmic, counsel, countess, courier, cowslips, creed, creels, critic, crossers, crowing, cruller, cruppers, cubed, cumber, curiously, cushion, czarism, demote, detritus, diatom, dictums, dimmer, dirges, dodge, dodoes, dollar, dominos, dopants, dossier, dotard, dotting, dousing, drably, draggy, draper, dresses, drivels, drogues, dunned, earthly, efforts, ejects, elates, elide, embers, emoted, enacts, ensuing, entirety, envelop, environs, equators, erupted, eruptive, espresso, estates, eternity, evoked, existent, expressly, extrudes, extrusive, facet, fades, falter, faunas, filler, filters, fissures, flake, flaxen, flecky, flight, flouters, fluidly, fluting, fogyish, fonder, footstep, foppish, forever, forsooth, frames, frappe, fretwork, fudges, furriest, galley, gallows, galosh, gamma, garish, glares, gloria, glorious, glossary, glummer, glutted, goober, gothic, gourdes, goutiest, grade, grievous, gripper, groused, grudge, grunted, gunpoint, gurgles, hansoms, harbor, hawing, haywire, hefter, hemmer, hence, hickory, hinges, holder, hollers, holsters, homiest, hostlers, housesit, howitzers, hulled, humane, hurling, husking, hustled, iliad, image, impact, incests, incubus, inmate, insane, insects, instants, instructs, ironies, jazziest, jocosity, jogger, jordan, juggle, juicily, junkies, kaolin, knead, knitters, knotted, kolinsky, kowtowed, kraals, kuchen, lagers, lamed, lance, lappets, larkspur, lassoer, lathery, legion, leisure, liking, lipped, lizards, locals, lockouts, lodges, looked, lopping, lovably, lovingly, lunettes, lutanist, luxuriously, magma, manual, margin, masted, maulers, medal, meiosis, mensch, mercer, metiers, mewled, mimosas, mincer, miscues, misled, misrules, misterms, mitotic, modules, moltenly, monkish, mortally, motherly, mottled, mouthful, murkiest, muteness, myriads, naked, nappers, neighs, nerving, netting, neuroses, neutrino, newsman, newsworthy, noisier, nonhero, nonunion, notably, novelist, nubbin, obeyers, ocelots, oiliest, oilskin, omelets, ominously, opacity, ostmarks, outhouses, outscore, outvoting, ovaries, overawe, overflow, overlap, overrule, oversee, overtures, overwise, pacers, panics, papacy, parred, parvenus, passports, patsies, pebbly, pellets, pelted, pepped, pertness, phallus, phenols, phoned, picker, pinned, pismire, plague, plainly, planar, plasma, plastery, playpen, pockets, pointers, poising, poisonous, polarity, polders, politest, pongee, porgies, powerful, preexist, presents, presumes, products, prolongs, protean, protects, proteins, provide, puddle, pullman, punitive, purveyed, pushovers, pussycats, queerer, querying, quietest, quinine, racists, raged, railway, raisers, raisins, ranees, ranted, ratting, reach, realtor, rebuke, rebuses, recaps, recoil, reeker, refill, refuge, reinter, remoras, rentals, reputed, rescuer, resowed, retitle, retrying, reviler, revival, revivify, rewriter, riches, ridges, rifted, rimmed, ripoffs, ripping, riskier, roamers, rockers, rooking, roulette, rubdowns, rudders, rugged, rumbler, rumpled, samovar, sawmill, scenery, scrape, sculptors, secant, secrets, securer, sedans, sedulous, seethe, seiners, seizing, sensuously, seriously, serology, serpents, sesame, shadows, shaker, shelver, shoppers, shortcuts, shorted, shrieks, shrikes, shticks, shutdowns, siding, sierras, signal, signify, silently, skivvies, skulkers, skylarks, sleekly, slimmer, slipknot, slipover, slithery, slitted, slotting, slowpoke, slugger, slurping, smashups, smiled, snapper, snorting, snowdrops, soared, sonatas, soulfully, southerly, spartan, spottiest, squeezer, stairway, stammer, stance, starved, sternal, stertorous, stifler, stillest, stilted, stipples, stolidly, stopping, stronger, stupidity, subitem, subsoils, subsystem, success, sudsiest, suffuses, sulkiest, sultriest, supplier, surcoats, sureties, surpriser, survivals, swearer, sweetest, swooning, syncopes, synodic, syringes, taking, tallest, tapped, tardily, tarnish, tarrier, tartness, teasel, tempters, tenting, tertiary, thrombus, tilled, tinnier, tiptoed, tolling, tonality, toppings, townships, toxemic, trawlers, treble, tribal, tribune, trifles, trinkets, troublous, tsunamis, turbine, turgidly, tutorial, twinned, tzarina, unclose, unhand, unsettle, unsinful, unsorted, untaxed, untoward, unwonted, unyoking, uppermost, upraise, upstage, vapidly, varmints, viceroys, vicunas, viewing, vitrines, vivace, volition, voluble, waited, walkers, wangle, wartime, waterway, wearers, whippets, whittles, widowers, wigwags, willies, winged, wintrier, wiriness, wishing, wombed, woodier, woodmen, workdays, workings, worthier, wrappers, wrongful, xeroxing, yeomanry, yeshiva, zapping, zillions, zombies
  Posted by Charlie on 2003-07-17 16:41:23
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