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Words in Common 2 (Posted on 2003-08-08) Difficulty: 3 of 5
What do the following words have in common?

nail, snug, leper, sinew, differ, latches, signified

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re: Guess?--Other words like this and a probability problem | Comment 2 of 6 |
(In reply to Guess? by DJ)

In the following list, less common words are not shown, but the words with switched letters (first and last letter) might be less common, so the reverse might not be listed.

Statistics-wise, 580 out of 74,780 of the more common words had this property or about 1 in 129. It would be an even smaller fraction if the check on the reverse word required more common words also, but even with a probability of 1/129, the probability of getting 7 such words would be about 1 in 600 trillion (American trillion).

aims, air, are, ate, atoms, aunt, bad, bag, ban, bard, bas, bat, bed, ben, bibs, bid, big, bin, blurs, bog, boy, bra, brad, brag, bro, bud, bun, bur, bus, but, cam, cap, cod, combat, cor, curia, dab, dabbler, dafter, dagger, dairy, dais, dallier, dam, damper, danger, danker, dapper, darer, darken, darn, dashes, dater, dates, daub, deal, dear, dearer, deb, debater, decanter, deceiver, declaimer, decliner, decoder, decomposer, deduces, deem, deep, deer, defer, deferrer, defiler, definer, deflower, degrader, del, delayer, deliver, demander, denouncer, dens, dent, deoxidizer, depolarizer, deposer, deprogrammer, desensitizer, designer, deviser, dew, dicer, dicker, diet, differ, dig, digger, dignifies, dim, dimmer, dingles, dipper, dispel, diver, doc, dodder, dog, doles, dolt, don, doom, door, doper, dos, doser, dot, dotter, douses, dowel, dower, drab, drag, drop, dub, dubber, duds, dues, duffel, duffer, duo, dup, duster, dwindles, eager, eat, eats, eel, ekes, emits, eons, epics, era, eruct, eta, fain, fir, flea, foal, fool, fret, furs, gab, gad, gal, gam, gar, gas, gel, gem, get, gins, glans, gnus, gob, god, got, grab, grad, grip, grit, gum, guns, gut, had, hangs, hap, hasp, hate, hay, hep, hey, hits, hon, hoop, hoots, hop, hops, host, hugs, jar, kames, keel, keep, khans, kind, king, lab, lad, lag, lain, lair, lap, lapper, lascar, latches, later, lead, leaf, leap, led, lee, leek, leer, lees, leg, leper, let, lever, liar, lied, lilt, lily, lisped, lit, loaf, loin, loom, loop, loot, lop, lowed, lower, luffed, lug, mad, mag, magus, man, map, mar, mat, mates, may, meat, meed, meet, meg, meter, mid, mod, mon, mood, moor, moot, mop, morn, mot, mug, nab, nag, nail, nap, napper, narc, nard, naris, nary, neap, neb, net, new, news, nib, nil, nip, nit, nitric, nod, noh, nom, norm, nos, not, now, nub, nuns, nut, oat, ohm, ohms, oils, oink, orb, ova, pad, pal, pales, pals, pan, par, part, pas, pat, paw, pay, peal, pear, peek, peen, per, pig, pin, pis, pit, plums, pol, pooh, pool, pot, pour, pow, prig, prod, pus, put, racked, racket, rafted, rag, rages, ragged, rail, rakes, rallied, rallies, ram, rammed, ranged, ranges, ranked, rap, rapped, rascal, rat, rated, ravages, ravel, raves, raw, ray, read, real, reap, reared, rebated, recanted, recedes, received, reclaimed, reclined, recomposed, rectos, reduces, reed, reel, ref, referred, refiled, refined, reflowed, reflowered, reformed, regraded, relayed, relighted, relived, remanded, rennet, renounced, rep, repel, reposed, reserved, resigned, retailed, retained, retested, revel, reveres, revised, rheas, rial, ribbed, riced, riddled, riel, riffed, rigged, rim, rimmed, ringed, ringlet, ripped, rived, rives, robbed, robes, rocked, rod, rood, room, roped, rot, rotted, roused, rout, routes, rowed, rub, rubbed, rubes, rues, ruffed, russet, rusted, sabin, sachem, sachet, saddled, sag, sager, saggier, said, saint, sallied, sandier, sap, sat, satchel, sate, sated, saver, saw, seal, sealer, seat, seceder, sector, seder, seduced, seducer, seed, seep, seer, send, sent, serried, seven, severer, sewn, sexed, shank, shear, ship, shout, shut, sic, signified, silly, silo, silt, simpler, sinew, sing, singed, singled, sink, sip, sit, six, slang, slump, smite, snug, soak, sob, sober, sod, sold, soled, son, sonnet, sooth, soph, sort, sought, soused, sow, sown, spice, sub, sued, suer, suffer, suit, sum, sun, sung, sup, surf, swat, swindled, tab, tacker, tag, tam, tamer, tao, tap, tar, taw, team, teas, teed, teem, tel, ten, tend, tennis, tens, testes, thaw, this, thus, tied, till, tiller, tin, tingler, tingles, tip, tippler, toad, tog, told, tom, ton, too, tool, top, totem, toughs, tour, tow, town, trap, trig, truce, tub, tug, tuna, twos, vat, wad, wan, war, was, way, wed, wet, what, whet, wines, won, yak, yam, yap, yarn, yaw, yob.
  Posted by Charlie on 2003-08-08 11:25:38

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