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Most words from your word (Posted on 2017-02-10) Difficulty: 4 of 5
The Task:
Scan from left to right a long word of your choice and extract letters , composing valid English words.

The following constraints apply:
i. The initial word contains no more than 15 letters.
ii. The selected words will be 3 letters or more.
iii. No proper names, no abbreviations.
iv. Slang words and words of foreign origin (like verbatim or sans) are allowed as long as they appear in at least one respectable dictionary.
v. Words created by adding "s" to a word already in a list are not allowed.
vi. The original long word of your choice is also discounted.

Example: if your word were procrastination the list could contain, inter alia: position, post, ion, rotation and many others.

The Challenge:
Create the longest list.

Team work (i.e. adding your words to another solver's list)
allowed and encouraged.

No Solution Yet Submitted by Ady TZIDON    
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Some Thoughts some computer results | Comment 1 of 10
proletarianised  280
aas, aid, ain, ais, and, ane, ani, anise, are, aria, arid, arise, ars, arse, ear, eared, earn, earned, ease, eased, end, ens, era, erase, erased, ere, ern, erne, ers, eta, ins, lad, laid, lain, land, lane, lar, lard, lari, larine, las, lase, lased, lea, lead, lean, leaned, lear, learn, learned, lease, leased, led, lee, lei, lend, lenis, lens, lense, lensed, let, liaise, liaised, liane, lid, lie, lied, lin, line, lined, lis, oar, oared, oes, old, ole, olea, olein, oleine, one, ons, ora, orad, ore, ornis, ors, ose, pad, paid, pain, pained, paise, pan, pane, paned, par, para, parae, pard, pare, pared, parian, paris, parse, parsed, pas, pase, pea, pean, pear, pease, ped, pee, peed, pein, peined, peise, peised, pen, pend, penis, per, peri, perse, pes, pet, petard, pia, pian, pie, pied, pin, pine, pined, pis, plaid, plain, plained, plan, plane, planed, plea, plead, please, pleased, pled, pleiad, plie, plied, pod, poet, poetise, poetised, poi, poind, poise, poised, pol, polar, polarise, polarised, pole, poled, poleis, poler, polis, pond, pone, ponied, pons, pore, pored, porn, pose, posed, pot, praise, praised, prase, pree, preed, prerinse, prese, pried, prise, prised, pro, proa, prod, prolan, prole, proletarian, proletarianise, proline, prone, prose, prosed, rad, raia, raid, rain, rained, raise, raised, ran, rand, rani, ranid, rare, rared, ras, rase, rased, read, rear, reared, red, ree, reed, rei, rein, reined, rend, reraise, reraised, reran, rerise, res, ret, retain, retained, retard, rete, retia, retie, retied, retine, retried, ria, rid, rin, rind, rinse, rinsed, rise, road, roan, roar, roared, rod, roe, role, rose, rosed, rot, rota, rote, roti, tad, tae, tain, tan, tar, tare, tared, tarn, tas, ted, tie, tied, tin, tine, tined, tis, trad, trans, triad, tried, trine, trined

thermoregulated  272
ate, eat, eel, egad, elate, elated, eld, eme, emeu, emeute, emote, emoted, emu, emulate, emulated, era, ere, erg, ergate, err, erred, gad, gae, gaed, gat, gate, gated, ged, glad, gled, gul, gut, had, hae, haed, hat, hate, hated, head, heat, heated, heed, heel, heeled, held, hem, heme, her, herd, here, hereat, herl, herm, herma, hermae, hero, het, hod, hoe, hoed, hog, hold, hole, holed, holt, hora, hot, hue, hued, hula, hut, lad, lat, late, lated, led, mad, mae, mat, mate, mated, mead, meat, meated, med, meed, meg, mel, meld, melt, melted, met, mete, meted, moa, moat, moated, mod, mog, mogul, mol, mola, mold, mole, molt, molted, mor, mora, morae, more, morel, morgue, mort, morula, morulae, mot, mote, moue, mould, moult, moulted, mud, mule, muled, mut, mute, muted, oat, ogle, ogled, old, ole, ora, orad, orate, orated, ore, oread, orle, ort, oud, out, outed, rad, rat, rate, rated, read, red, ree, reed, reg, regulate, regulated, relate, related, ret, rete, road, rod, roe, rogue, rogued, role, rot, rote, roue, rout, route, routed, rue, rued, rule, ruled, rut, tad, tae, tat, tate, tea, teat, teated, ted, tee, teed, teel, teg, tegua, tel, tela, telae, tele, terete, terga, term, termed, termor, terra, terrae, terret, tet, thae, that, the, thee, them, theme, themed, there, thereat, therm, thermae, therme, thermel, thermoregulate, tho, thole, tholed, thou, thoued, thread, threat, threated, three, thro, throat, throated, throe, thru, thud, toad, tod, toe, toea, toed, tog, toga, togae, togaed, togate, togated, togue, tola, told, tole, toled, tor, tora, tore, tort, torte, torula, torulae, tot, tote, toted, tout, touted, trad, tread, treat, treated, tree, treed, tret, trod, trot, trout, true, trued, tule, tut

stoutheartedly   250
are, art, artel, arty, ate, ear, eared, earl, early, eat, eel, eely, ere, had, hae, haed, hard, hardly, hardy, hare, hared, harl, hart, hat, hate, hated, hay, head, heady, heal, hear, heard, heart, hearted, hearty, heat, heated, heatedly, heed, heel, her, herd, here, herl, het, hey, oar, oared, oat, ohed, ore, ort, other, oud, our, out, outate, outeat, outed, outer, outhear, outheard, outre, red, redly, rely, sad, sadly, sae, sal, sard, sat, sate, sated, say, sea, seal, sear, seared, seat, seated, see, seed, seedy, seel, seely, sel, ser, sere, sered, set, sha, shad, shady, shaly, shard, share, shared, shat, shay, she, shea, sheal, shear, sheared, shed, sherd, shred, shy, sly, soar, soared, sod, sol, sord, sore, sorel, sorely, sort, sorted, sot, soth, sotted, sou, soul, sour, soured, sourly, souter, south, southed, souther, southerly, soy, star, stare, stared, start, started, stat, state, stated, statedly, stately, stay, stead, steady, steal, steed, steel, steely, stere, stet, stey, stoa, stoae, stoat, store, stored, storey, story, stour, stoure, stoury, stout, stouter, stouthearted, stoutly, stud, studly, study, sturdy, sturt, sty, sue, sued, suer, suet, suety, surd, sure, surely, surly, tad, tae, tael, tar, tardy, tare, tared, tart, tarted, tartly, tarty, tat, tate, tea, teal, tear, teared, teary, teat, teated, ted, tee, teed, teel, tel, tet, thae, that, the, thee, there, they, thy, toad, toady, tod, tody, toe, toea, toed, tor, tore, tort, torte, tory, tot, total, tote, toted, toter, tother, totted, tour, toured, tout, touted, touter, toy, trey, try, turd, tut, tutee, tutted, tutty, urd, uta

superinsulated   241
ate, eat, elate, elated, eld, enate, end, ens, ensue, ensued, era, ere, ern, erne, ers, erst, ins, insulate, insulated, insult, insulted, isle, isled, lad, lat, late, lated, led, nae, nut, pad, pat, pate, pated, pea, peat, ped, pee, peed, pein, peined, peise, peised, pele, pelt, pelted, pen, pend, pent, penult, per, peri, peril, periled, perse, pert, pes, pest, pet, pia, pie, pied, pile, piled, pin, pina, pine, pined, pint, pis, piste, pit, piu, plat, plate, plated, pled, prat, prate, prated, pried, print, printed, prise, prised, pud, pul, pula, pule, puled, put, rad, rat, rate, rated, red, ria, rid, rile, riled, rin, rind, rinse, rinsed, rise, rite, rue, rued, rule, ruled, rut, sad, sae, sat, sate, sated, sea, seat, seated, see, seed, sei, seine, seined, seise, seised, sel, sen, senate, send, sene, sensa, sensate, sensated, sense, sensed, sent, sente, ser, sera, sere, sered, seriate, seriated, serin, serine, set, sild, silt, silted, sin, sine, sinuate, sinuated, sis, sit, site, sited, slat, slate, slated, sled, sned, spa, spae, spaed, spat, spate, sped, speed, speil, speiled, speise, spelt, spend, spense, spent, spied, spile, spiled, spilt, spin, spinate, spine, spined, spinula, spinulae, spinule, spit, spite, spited, splat, sprat, sprint, sprinted, sprit, sprite, sprue, spud, spue, spued, sri, sue, sued, suer, suet, suint, suit, suite, suited, sun, sup, supe, super, supered, supinate, supinated, supine, supra, sura, surd, sure, ted, unled, uns, unsated, upend, uprate, uprated, uprise, ups, urate, urd, urinate, urinated, urine, urn, ursa, ursae, use, used

superstimulated  240
ate, eat, elate, elated, eld, eme, emu, emulate, emulated, era, ere, ers, erst, estate, estated, estimate, estimated, eta, lad, lat, late, lated, led, mad, mae, mat, mate, mated, med, mud, mule, muled, mut, mute, muted, pad, pat, pate, pated, pea, peat, ped, pee, peed, pele, pelt, pelted, per, peri, peril, periled, perm, permed, permute, permuted, perse, pert, pes, pest, pestle, pestled, pet, petit, petite, petted, pia, pie, pied, pile, piled, pima, pit, piu, plat, plate, plated, pled, prat, prate, prated, pried, prim, prima, primate, prime, primed, primula, psi, pud, pul, pula, pule, puled, put, rad, rat, rate, rated, red, ria, rid, rile, riled, rim, rime, rimed, rite, rue, rued, rule, ruled, rut, sad, sae, sat, sate, sated, sea, seat, seated, see, seed, sei, sel, seme, ser, sera, sere, sered, seriate, seriated, set, seta, setae, sett, sild, silt, silted, sim, sima, simulate, simulated, sit, site, sited, slat, slate, slated, sled, smut, spa, spae, spaed, spat, spate, sped, speed, speil, speiled, spelt, sperm, spied, spile, spiled, spilt, spit, spite, spited, splat, sprat, sprit, sprite, sprue, spud, spue, spued, sri, stat, state, stated, stied, stile, stilt, stilted, stime, stimulate, stimulated, stud, sue, sued, suer, suet, suit, suite, suited, sum, sup, supe, super, supered, superstate, superstimulate, superstud, supra, sura, surd, sure, tad, tae, tat, tate, ted, tie, tied, til, tile, tiled, tilt, tilted, time, timed, tit, tule, tut, uprate, uprated, ups, upstate, uptilt, uptilted, uptime, urate, urd, ursa, ursae, use, used, ustulate, uta, utile

atmospherically  238
aal, aerial, aerially, aerily, aery, aha, ail, all, ally, ama, ami, amia, amoral, amorally, amp, amply, ape, aper, apery, apical, apically, arc, aria, aril, asea, ash, ashy, asp, asper, aspheric, aspherical, aspic, ate, atma, atmospheric, atoll, atop, atopic, atopy, atria, atrial, call, cay, ell, era, erica, hall, hay, heal, heil, hell, her, herl, hey, hic, hill, hilly, icy, ill, illy, mall, may, meal, mealy, mel, mell, mercy, merl, mica, mil, mill, moa, moc, mohel, moil, mol, moll, molly, moly, mop, mope, moper, mopery, mopey, mopy, mor, mora, moral, morally, moray, mos, mosey, mosh, mosher, oca, ohia, oil, oily, opal, ope, opera, ora, oral, orally, orc, orca, ose, pal, pall, pally, paly, pay, pea, peal, pec, per, peri, peril, phi, phial, pia, pial, pic, pica, pical, pill, pily, ply, pray, pricy, prill, pry, rally, ray, ria, rial, rill, sal, sall, sally, say, scall, scaly, sea, seal, sec, sei, sel, sell, ser, sera, seral, serial, serially, sha, shall, shaly, shay, she, shea, sheal, shell, shelly, shill, shily, shri, shrill, shrilly, shy, sial, sic, sill, silly, sly, spa, spall, spay, spec, speil, spell, spheral, spheric, spherical, spherically, sphery, spic, spica, spicy, spill, spray, spry, spy, sri, tall, tally, tea, teal, tel, tell, telly, the, theca, thecal, they, thill, thrall, thrill, thy, tic, tical, til, till, toe, toea, toil, toll, top, tope, toper, toph, tophe, tophi, topi, topic, topical, topically, tor, tora, torc, tori, toric, tory, tosh, toy, tray, trial, trill, try

unparliamentary  230
aery, aim, aimer, ain, air, airy, ait, ala, alae, alan, alant, alar, alary, ale, alien, aliment, alimentary, alit, alma, alme, alt, altar, ama, amen, ament, ana, ant, anta, any, are, area, arena, aria, arm, armer, armet, army, art, arty, ear, entry, eta, lam, lama, lame, lament, lamer, lar, lat, lay, lea, lear, leary, lent, let, ley, liana, liar, lie, lien, lier, lima, lime, limen, limey, limn, limy, lin, lint, linty, liny, lit, mar, may, men, menta, met, meta, naan, nae, nam, name, namer, nan, nana, nary, nay, near, net, nim, nit, pain, paint, painty, pair, pal, pale, palea, paler, palet, palier, palm, palmar, palmary, palmer, palmy, paltry, paly, pam, pan, pant, pantry, panty, par, para, parae, parament, paramenta, pare, parent, parer, parian, parity, parlay, parle, parley, parliament, parliamentary, parr, parry, part, party, pat, paty, pay, pea, pear, pen, pent, per, pet, pia, pian, pie, pier, pieta, piety, pima, pin, pina, pint, pinta, piny, pit, pita, pity, plan, planar, plant, plantar, plat, platy, play, plea, plena, plenary, plenty, pliant, plie, plier, ply, pram, prat, pray, prey, prier, prim, prima, primary, prime, primer, print, pry, ram, ramen, ramenta, ramet, ran, rant, rat, ray, rear, rent, ret, retry, ria, riant, riata, rim, rime, rimer, rimy, rin, tar, try, ulama, ulan, ulna, ulnar, unai, unarm, unary, unit, unitary, unity, unlay, unlet, unlit, unmet, unpen, unpent, unpin, unpliant, unrent, uplit, uprear, urea, urinary, urn, uta

contraindicated  225
ace, aced, act, acted, add, adit, aid, aide, aided, ain, ait, ana, and, ane, ani, ant, ante, anted, ate, caca, cad, cade, cadi, caid, cain, can, candid, candied, cane, caned, canid, cant, canted, cat, cate, cine, cite, cited, coact, coacted, coat, coated, coca, cod, coda, code, coded, coed, coin, coined, con, cone, coned, coni, conic, conidia, conin, conine, conn, connate, conned, contact, contacted, contain, contained, conte, contra, contract, contracted, contradict, contradicted, contraindicate, contrite, cor, cord, cordate, corded, cordite, core, cored, coria, corn, corned, cornice, corniced, cot, cotan, cote, coted, crane, craned, crania, craniate, crate, crated, cried, crinite, dad, date, dated, dice, diced, did, die, died, dit, dite, ice, iced, indicate, indicated, indict, indicted, indie, indite, indited, inia, nada, nae, naiad, nan, nana, nance, nicad, nice, nide, nided, nidi, nine, nit, nite, oat, oca, odd, ode, odic, oidia, once, one, ontic, ora, orad, orate, orated, orc, orca, ore, ornate, ort, otic, race, raced, rad, radiate, radiated, radicate, radicated, raia, raid, raided, rain, rained, ran, rance, rand, rani, ranid, rant, ranted, rat, rate, rated, red, ria, rice, riced, rid, ride, rin, rind, rinded, rite, tace, tact, tad, tae, tain, taint, tainted, tan, tat, tate, ted, tic, tide, tided, tidied, tie, tied, tin, tinct, tincted, tine, tined, tint, tinted, tit, trace, traced, tract, trad, trade, traded, train, trained, trait, trance, tranced, triad, trice, triced, tried, trine, trined, trite

Edited on February 10, 2017, 11:29 pm
  Posted by Charlie on 2017-02-10 23:27:17

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