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A powerful anagram (Posted on 2017-06-09) Difficulty: 4 of 5
123456 is an anagram of 562 431

Replace digits by letters (one-to-one) to create a meaningful message.

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Solution annotated computer listing | Comment 1 of 2
arkose   ser   oka   
bailer   era   lib   
bailor   ora   lib   
beacon   one   cab   
beanos   ose   nab   
belady   dye   alb   
blonde   del   nob   
blunge   gel   nub   
broche   her   cob   
cerous   use   orc   
chalet   eth   lac   
chased   edh   sac   
chored   edh   roc   
crista   tar   sic   
cuesta   tau   sec   
daiker   era   kid   
dauber   era   bud   
daubry   rya   bud   
deacon   one   cad   deacon : one cad
deafly   lye   fad   
dearly   lye   rad   
dearth   the   rad   
denary   rye   and   
dyable   ley   bad   
dynast   sty   and   
enigma   man   gie   
gaoler   era   log   
geodic   ice   dog   
glance   cel   nag   
gnawer   ern   wag   
hearty   tye   rah   
inmate   ten   ami   
knower   ern   wok   
mahout   uta   ohm   
mauger   era   gum   
mauler   era   lum   
meadow   owe   dam   
meanly   lye   nam   
meatus   use   tam   
mesial   ale   ism   
mesian   ane   ism   
muleta   tau   elm   
myopic   icy   pom   
myotic   icy   tom   
nailer   era   lin   
nearby   bye   ran   
nearly   lye   ran   
neatly   lye   tan   
neumic   ice   mun   
neural   ale   run   
pauser   era   sup   
pearly   lye   rap   
phased   edh   sap   
phasic   ich   sap   
phatic   ich   tap   
phobic   ich   bop   
photic   ich   top   
poisha   hao   sip   
protea   ear   top   
psocid   ids   cop   
ptisan   ant   sip   
realty   tye   lar   
reavow   owe   var   
rhodic   ich   dor   
ryokan   any   kor   
sailer   era   lis   
sailor   ora   lis   
sapote   tea   ops   
scampi   pic   mas   
scrape   pec   ars   
senior   ore   ins   
shaled   edh   las   
shamed   edh   mas   
shaped   edh   pas   
shared   edh   ras   
shaved   edh   vas   
shawed   edh   was   
sherpa   pah   res   
showed   edh   wos   
smalto   tom   las   
smidge   gem   dis   
snathe   hen   tas   
snider   ern   dis   
sniper   ern   pis   
spathe   hep   tas   
spital   alp   tis   
splake   kep   als   
spongy   gyp   nos   
stable   let   bas   
staple   let   pas   
starve   vet   ras   
stodge   get   dos   
stomal   alt   mos   
strafe   fet   ars   
strobe   bet   ors   
stroma   mat   ors   
strove   vet   ors   
stupor   ort   pus   
suable   leu   bas   
swathe   hew   tas   
swithe   hew   tis   
synura   ray   uns   
tailer   era   lit   
tailor   ora   lit   
teopan   ane   pot   
thawed   edh   wat   
tholed   edh   lot   
thoric   ich   rot   
thorpe   peh   rot   
thujas   ash   jut   
troche   her   cot   
trompe   per   mot   
unmade   den   amu   
unmake   ken   amu   
wealth   the   law   wealth : the law
weapon   one   paw   weapon : one paw
weason   one   saw   
whaled   edh   law   
whenas   ash   new   
whored   edh   row

DefDbl A-Z
Dim crlf$

Private Sub Form_Load()
 Form1.Visible = True
 Text1.Text = ""
 crlf = Chr$(13) + Chr$(10)
 Open "c:\words\words6.txt" For Binary As #1
 w6$ = Space$(6)
   Get #1, , w6
   If EOF(1) Then Exit Do
   good = 1
   For i = 2 To 6
     If InStr(w6, Mid(w6, i, 1)) < i Then good = 0: Exit For
   If good Then
    w1$ = Mid(w6, 5, 1) + Mid(w6, 6, 1) + Mid(w6, 2, 1)
    w2$ = Mid(w6, 4, 1) + Mid(w6, 3, 1) + Mid(w6, 1, 1)
    If isWord(w1) And isWord(w2) Then
       Text1.Text = Text1.Text & w6 & "   " & w1 & "   " & w2 & "   " & crlf
    End If
   End If
 Close 1
 Text1.Text = Text1.Text & crlf & " done"
End Sub

Function isWord(w$)
 n = Len(w$)
 w1$ = Space$(n)
 Open "\words\words" + LTrim$(Str$(n)) + ".txt" For Binary As #2
 l = LOF(2) / n
 low = 1: high = l
  middle = Int((low + high) / 2)
  Get #2, (middle - 1) * n + 1, w1$
  If w1$ = w$ Then isWord = 1: Close 2: Exit Function
  If w1$ < w$ Then low = middle + 1 Else high = middle - 1
 Loop Until low > high
 isWord = 0
 Close 2
End Function

  Posted by Charlie on 2017-06-09 18:24:36
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