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Squeeze in (Posted on 2017-10-05) Difficulty: 4 of 5
Your task is to choose a certain two-letter word, such that when added to each of the listed below words a new valid English word will be created.
You can add your word as a prefix, a suffix or insert within the given word.


1. All new words must appear in a respectable dictionary.
2. For the less-common words please provide a short definition.

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Solution computer aided solution | Comment 3 of 4 |
From the below list, the desired result is apparently

at abled    ablated
at aspire    aspirate
at cave    caveat
at comb    combat
at conus    conatus
at creed    created
at form    format
at lest    latest
at one    atone
at pent    patent
at there    theatre
at there    thereat

While "there" has two entries, "lion" lacks any.

Systematic searches starting with atlion yields

lation:  Motion of a celestial object from one place to another; local motion. Copernicus placed the Sun at the centre of the Universe, exempt from any sort of lation.

I'd think we'd call it translation, as in invariance under translation.

I think "conatus" also deserves a definition:

conatus: a natural tendency, impulse, or striving :conation —used in Spinozism with reference to the inclination of a thing to persist in its own being.

The full output list shows any insertions of a pair of letters to form a new word:

Bo one    Boone
Di one    Dione
Pe lion    Pelion
Sa one    Saone
ab lest    ablest
ad pent    pentad
ag one    agone
ak creed    creaked
al creed    creedal
al form    formal
al one    alone
am creed    creamed
am lest    lamest
ar pent    arpent
ar pent    parent
as creed    creased
at abled    ablated
at aspire    aspirate
at cave    caveat
at comb    combat
at conus    conatus
at creed    created
at form    format
at lest    latest
at one    atone
at pent    patent
at there    theatre
at there    thereat
ax lest    laxest
ax one    axone
bi form    biform
by there    thereby
cl one    clone
cr one    crone
da pent    pedant
de creed    decreed
de form    deform
dr one    drone
ed comb    combed
ed form    formed
ee form    formee
eg lion    legion
el creed    creeled
en abled    enabled
er comb    comber
er form    former
es comb    combes
es form    formes
es lion    lesion
gi conus    congius
gi lest    legist
go conus    congous
ha lest    halest
ic form    formic
id lest    idlest
ik lest    likest
il lest    illest
in form    inform
in there    therein
ir one    irone
iv lest    livest
kr one    krone
le cave    cleave
le creed    creeled
le one    leone
lo conus    colonus
ma there    thermae
mo lest    molest
of there    thereof
og lion    logion
ol conus    colonus
ol form    formol
on pent    ponent
on there    thereon
os comb    combos
ot lion    lotion
ot pent    potent
ow lest    lowest
oz one    ozone
pa lest    palest
ph one    phone
pi one    opine
pr one    prone
re comb    recomb
re form    reform
re pent    repent
rn cave    cavern
rs aspire    aspirers
rs cave    cavers
ry comb    corymb
ry one    onery
sc one    scone
sh one    shone
so lion    solion
st abled    stabled
st creed    crested
st one    stone
ta lion    talion
to there    thereto
tr one    trone
ul pent    penult
un pent    unpent
ut abled    abluted
vi lest    vilest
vi one    ovine
yl form    formyl
yl pent    pentyl
zo one    ozone

The above is the sorted output from

DefDbl A-Z
Dim crlf$, shortWord$(12)

Private Sub Form_Load()
 Form1.Visible = True
 Text1.Text = ""
 crlf = Chr$(13) + Chr$(10)
 shortWord$(1) = "abled"
 shortWord$(2) = "aspire"
 shortWord$(3) = "cave"
 shortWord$(4) = "comb"
 shortWord$(5) = "conus"
 shortWord$(6) = "creed"
 shortWord$(7) = "form"
 shortWord$(8) = "lest"
 shortWord$(9) = "lion"
 shortWord$(10) = "one"
 shortWord$(11) = "pent"
 shortWord$(12) = "there"
 Open "c:\words\words.txt" For Input As #1
   Line Input #1, l$
   If l = "crested" Then
     xx = xx
   End If
   For i = 1 To 12
     If Len(l) = Len(shortWord(i)) + 2 Then
     For p = 0 To Len(l) - 2
      If Left(l, p) + Mid(l, p + 3) = shortWord(i) Then
        Text1.Text = Text1.Text & Mid(l, p + 1, 2) & " " & shortWord(i) & "    " & l & crlf
      End If
     End If
 Loop Until EOF(1)
 Text1.Text = Text1.Text & crlf & " done"
End Sub

  Posted by Charlie on 2017-10-05 14:43:54
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