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Who Stole the Birdseed? (Posted on 2004-10-21) Difficulty: 3 of 5
Bonnie bought a bag of birdseed. She left it in her apartment (#5) before she went to work, intending to fill the feeder that afternoon. But when she got back, the bag of birdseed was gone!

There were four other people living in the same apartment building as her, all of whom were avid birdwatchers like Bonnie. One of them must have done it. Look at the clues below. If you know everybody's name, apartment number (#1 through #4), and favourite bird, you will know who is guilty.

1. The guilty person's apartment number is not numbered one higher or one lower than Hal's.
2. Joe's favourite bird is the crow; his apartment number is one lower than that of Ike (who doesn't like robins).
3. The guilty person's apartment is not #3 (the number of the finch-lover's).
4. Gil is neither at apartment #1 nor the wren-lover.


  Submitted by Captain Paradox    
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  The groaner here is "If you know everybody's name, apartment number, and favourite bird, you will know who is guilty." Keep that bugger in mind.

  Now, the finch-lover is at #3. Fill that in. Joe, the crow-lover, has an apartment number one lower than Ike's. Suppose momentarily that Joe is in apartment #2. Ike would be in #3, Gil (who isn't in #1) would have to be in #4, and Hal in #1. The wren lover couldn't be in #2, #3, or #4, so Hal would have to love wrens. Therefore, Gil would love robins.

  But assuming that this is the answer, there is no way to figure out whodunit. We only know from the clues that Ike and Joe would be innocent. Remember the italicized statement. The solution will yield a culprit. This solution is therefore false.

  Now, we know that Joe can't be in #4 (Ike is in the apartment numbered one higher than his) and we already know he isn't in #2 or #3, so he and his crows must be in #1. Ergo, Ike is in #2, the robin-lover is in #4, and the wren-lover is in #2.

  But where are Gil and Hal? If Hal were in #4, then we'd only know that Gil was innocent. Thus, Hal is in #3 and Gil is in #4. That makes Joe the guilty one. This is the only solution that matches all the clues and tells us whodunit.

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