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Done? No need? ...UNDO! (Posted on 2014-08-05) Difficulty: 3 of 5
Only 2 distinct consonants (i.e. n & d) are used in the puzzle's title.
Please provide the most comprehensive list of English words using
only these (unlimited quantity!) consonants.

Rem1: Proper names, hyphenated words, use of y as a vowel is allowed.
Rem 2: Please add a short description for not-so-common words.

No Solution Yet Submitted by Ady TZIDON    
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Solution computer solution -- no definitions | Comment 1 of 4
 Text1.Text = ""
 crlf$ = Chr(13) + Chr(10)
 Form1.Visible = True
 Open "\words\words.txt" For Input As #1
  Line Input #1, l$
  good = 1
  For i = 1 To Len(l$)
    If InStr("ndaeiouy", Mid(l$, i, 1)) = 0 Then
      good = 0: Exit For
    End If
  If good Then
    Text1.Text = Text1.Text & l$ & "  "
    ct = ct + Len(l$) + 2
    If ct > 60 Then
     Text1.Text = Text1.Text & crlf
     ct = 0
    End If
  End If
 Loop Until EOF(1)


a  aa  ad  add  added  addend  addenda  adenine  adenoid  adieu  
adnoun  ado  ae  aedine  aeon  aeonian  ai  aid  aide  aided  
ain  an  ana  and  ane  ani  anion  anna  annoy  annoyed  anoa  
anode  anodyne  anon  any  anyone  aoudad  audad  audio  ay  
aye  ayin  dad  dada  daddy  dado  dadoed  dandy  danio  day  
de  dead  deaden  deadened  deadeye  dean  deaned  dee  deed  
deeded  deedy  den  dene  deni  denied  denned  denude  denuded  
deny  deodand  dey  did  didie  dido  didy  die  died  diene  
din  dine  dined  dinned  diode  do  dodo  doe  don  dona  done  
donee  donna  donne  donned  donnee  doodad  doyen  doyenne  
duad  dud  duddie  duddy  dude  duded  dudeen  due  duende  duenna  
dui  dun  dune  dunned  duo  duodena  dyad  dye  dyed  dyne  
dynein  dynode  eau  ed  eddied  eddo  eddy  eide  en  end  ended  
endue  endued  ennead  ennui  ennuye  ennuyee  eon  eonian  eye  
eyed  eyen  eyne  id  idea  in  inane  indeed  indene  indie  
indue  indued  inia  inion  inn  inned  innuendo  innuendoed  
iodid  iodide  iodin  iodine  ion  ionone  n  na  naan  nada  
nae  naiad  nan  nana  nandin  nandina  nannie  nanny  naoi  
nay  ne  nee  need  needed  needy  nene  neon  neoned  nide  
nided  nidi  nine  ninny  ninon  no  nod  nodded  noddy  node  
nodi  nona  none  nonunion  noo  noon  noonday  noun  noyade  
nu  nude  nudie  nun  od  odd  ode  odea  odeon  oe  oidia  on  
one  onion  oniony  oud  oy  udo  un  unai  unaided  unau  unde  
undead  undee  undenied  undid  undine  undo  undone  undue  
undy  undyed  unended  unideaed  union  unneeded  unyeaned  ya  
yaud  yay  ye  yea  yean  yeaned  yen  yenned  yid  yin  yo  
yod  yon  yond  yoni  you  yuan    

To me all Y's are vowels, such as the Y in "you" is merely shorter in duration but no different in kind from the "ee" in "beep".

  Posted by Charlie on 2014-08-05 13:29:27
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