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2013-02-26 01:33:43
Uncommented Problems.

We have quite a number of unsolved problems on site. We also have some which have been solved but the solutions not posted. Chris,PhD raised a question about that at where comment has been made.

This however is about something slightly different.

A search through the Unsolved Problems on site shows that, as of the date of publishing, not only have the following not been solved, no-one has passed a comment on them.

Guess the date (in Algorithms)
Posted on 2007-12-30 by Paddy
Polynomial And Integer Coefficients(in Just Math)
Posted on 2008-06-13 by K Sengupta
Checker Masks(in Word Problems)
Posted on 2008-09-04 by brianjn
Bulbs and Switches II (in Probability)
Posted on 2009-05-22 by Praneeth
Absolute Adjacent Cell Difference(in Just Math)
Posted on 2010-01-02 by K Sengupta
Homophonic Chains(in Word Problems)
Posted on 2010-09-28 by brianjn
Rubik Words(in Word Problems)
Posted on 2010-11-02 by brianjn
Wrapped Loop(in Shapes)
Posted on 2010-11-18 by brianjn
Verticos (in Numbers)
Posted on 2010-11-27 by brianjn
Commuting Involutions Maximally (in Just Math)
Posted on 2010-12-31 by K Sengupta
Near Goldbach Alphametics II (in Numbers)
Posted on 2011-01-07 by K Sengupta
All Wired Up Again (in Logic)
Posted on 2011-02-01 by Brian Smith
Penta_View (in Shapes)
Posted on 2011-02-17 by brianjn
Penta_Full View(in Shapes)
Posted on 2011-02-24 by brianjn
Distinct Digit Determination III (in Just Math)
Posted on 2011-03-24 by K Sengupta
Sum and Ratio Sum II(in Just Math)
Posted on 2011-05-21 by K Sengupta
Near Pandigital Divisibility(in Probability)
Posted on 2011-06-03 by K Sengupta
Duplicate Digit Determination IV (in Just Math)
Posted on 2011-06-05 by K Sengupta
Mixed Muddle (in Just Math)
Posted on 2011-07-05 by K Sengupta
SequiSearch (in Sequences)
Posted on 2011-07-24 by brianjn
My favorite numbers VIII (in Just Math)
Posted on 2011-08-10 by K Sengupta
Expression Evaluation (in Just Math)
Posted on 2011-08-17 by K Sengupta
Shuffle Cross I (in Word Problems)
Posted on 2011-11-09 by brianjn
Slide and Add (in Word Problems)
Posted on 2011-11-18 by brianjn
Shuffle Cross II(in Word Problems)
Posted on 2011-11-26 by brianjn
Polygons in a Cube (in Just Math)
Posted on 2011-12-11 by K Sengupta
Squarely Primed (in Numbers)
Posted on 2012-02-04 by brianjn
Simultaneous Operations - Tiles(in Numbers)
Posted on 2012-03-13 by brianjn
Checkers Run (in Games)
Posted on 2012-04-01 by brianjn
Nine Androids Crossing a Bridge (in Logic)
Posted on 2012-05-14 by Dej Mar
Serenity? (in Sequences)
Posted on 2012-05-22 by brianjn
Stella Octangula(in Numbers)
Posted on 2012-06-03 by brianjn
ET Intelligence? (in Sequences)
Posted on 2012-06-13 by brianjn
Electronic Lock(in Numbers)
Posted on 2012-06-23 by brianjn
Tetra Net (in Shapes)
Posted on 2012-09-02 by brianjn
Anagrams Misrepresented (in Word Problems)
Posted on 2013-02-22 by brianjn
On congruent numbers (in Numbers)
Posted on 2013-02-24 by Ady TZIDON

2013-03-05 15:53:23
Re: Uncommented Problems.

Looking at the very first one, and checking the solution that's in the solution queue, I see that what the problem states, and is repeated in the working out of the proposed solution, mistakenly claims that what really is November is October.

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