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A ragman from 3 to 10 (Posted on 2016-12-07) Difficulty: 4 of 5
Gnu to gun is an anagram following the 123 to 132 scheme
Live to evil - 1234 to 4321

Find examples (common words) adhering to the following permutations :
12345 to 24351
123456 to 541236
1234567 to 7615342
12345678 to 36172584
123456789 to your choice
1234567890 to your choice

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9 and 10 Comment 2 of 2 |
I was going to weed out uncommon words but it was getting tedious.

algorithm - logarithm


algorithms - logarithms

are the ones that pop out as good, from (duplicates eliminated also, by requiring first word to be alphabetically before second word):

ablutions abutilons
ablutions sublation
abutilons sublation
acroleins censorial
adsorbing boardings
adsorbing signboard
advection invocated
aeroducts croustade
aeroducts educators
aeroliths horsetail
albicores bracioles
albicores cabrioles
alchymies lechayims
algorithm logarithm
almonries normalise
amelcorns cornmeals
ametropic preatomic
amitroles rolamites
amortised mediators
amortizes atomizers
anchorite antechoir
anoretics creations
anoretics reactions
antherids tarnished
antipodes pintadoes
antiserum ruminates
argentums arguments
ashlering narghiles
ashlering nargilehs
ashlering shearling
astringed gradients
asyndetic syndicate
atropines patronise
auctioned cautioned
auctioned education
aureoling neuroglia
authorise thioureas
backfires firebacks
backswing wingbacks
baritones obtainers
baritones reobtains
baritones taborines
bastioned botanised
besmoking embosking
bevatrons observant
boardings signboard
bracioles cabrioles
braunites urbanites
breakouts outbreaks
calumnies masculine
cambering embracing
campesino companies
canephors chaperons
caponiers procaines
caponiers proscenia
capsuling upscaling
carpeting preacting
caryotins crayonist
catenoids sonicated
cautioned education
centigram cremating
centroids doctrines
chaldrons chlordans
chalkiest hackliest
chantries snatchier
chaunters stauncher
chelators chlorates
chelators trochleas
chlorates trochleas
chlorites clothiers
chondrite threnodic
chromates stomacher
chromatid dichromat
chromites trichomes
cilantros contrails
cisternal clarinets
cisternal larcenist
clarinets larcenist
clearings rescaling
coastline sectional
coempting competing
coinmates encomiast
coinsured decurions
colanders conelrads
coleading genocidal
comedians demoniacs
companied compendia
compilers compliers
complaint compliant
conflates falconets
congruity outcrying
conspired incorpsed
coparents portances
corseting escorting
corseting sectoring
countries cretinous
countries neurotics
courantes courtesan
courantes nectarous
courantes outrances
courtesan nectarous
courtesan outrances
coverslip slipcover
creations reactions
cremation manticore
cretinous neurotics
croupiest outprices
croustade educators
cuniforms unciforms
curtilage graticule
daneworts teardowns
dangerous noseguard
deflation defoliant
delations insolated
departing predating
depraving pervading
discharge scraighed
dominates misatoned
downplays playdowns
dragonish hoardings
earthling haltering
earthling lathering
eductions seduction
eductions suctioned
emigrants mastering
emigrants streaming
emulating glutamine
epicotyls lipocytes
escarping respacing
escorting sectoring
estradiol idolaters
estradiol steroidal
eupatrids preaudits
faltering reflating
fashioner refashion
flatirons inflators
flauntier ultrafine
flounders unfolders
flowering reflowing
foresting fostering
formulaic fumarolic
gauntries signature
gelations legations
geraniols regionals
geraniums measuring
ghastlier litharges
ghastlier thirlages
ghostlier regoliths
girandole reloading
gnarliest integrals
gnarliest reslating
gnarliest triangles
grandiose organdies
grandiose organised
graplines relapsing
graplines spanglier
grievants vintagers
gymnastic nystagmic
gyrations signatory
haltering lathering
handovers overhands
hangovers overhangs
harmonics omniarchs
harmonies harmonise
hectoring tochering
heptagons pathogens
horsemint thermions
idolaters steroidal
ignoramus origanums
impacters spermatic
implanter reimplant
impugners presuming
inceptors inspector
inclosure reclusion
incrusted reinducts
infarcted infracted
integrals reslating
integrals triangles
interlaps traplines
interlaps triplanes
interplay painterly
introduce reduction
kashering shrinkage
kidnapers spikenard
laborites strobilae
laughters slaughter
lawyering wearingly
layerings searingly
layerings yearlings
lecturing relucting
litharges thirlages
loricates sclerotia
loricates sectorial
lucrative revictual
lucrative victualer
lustering resulting
maligners malingers
mangroves venograms
manicures muscarine
marblings ramblings
marlstone mestranol
mastering streaming
micropyle polymeric
mislearnt terminals
mislearnt tramlines
misparted preadmits
misparted spermatid
misreckon monickers
mistraced timecards
moldering remolding
monastery oysterman
morphines premonish
mouldiest outsmiled
muraenids nursemaid
mylonites solemnity
narghiles nargilehs
narghiles shearling
nargilehs shearling
nectarous outrances
nightwear wreathing
obtainers reobtains
obtainers taborines
ocularist suctorial
olympiads sympodial
organdies organised
orientals relations
orientals serotinal
outyields tediously
overawing reavowing
overswing wingovers
ownership shipowner
paltering replating
parceling replacing
pargyline parleying
pargyline replaying
parleying replaying
pasturing upstaring
phenolics pinochles
piclorams proclaims
posturing sprouting
preadmits spermatid
prelusion repulsion
procaines proscenia
publisher republish
pyrogenic recopying
quartiles requitals
quartzose quatorzes
racketing retacking
rainspout supinator
randomize romanized
raspingly sparingly
ravelings slavering
relapsing spanglier
relations serotinal
reobtains taborines
repasting trapesing
reshowing showering
reslating triangles
respading spreading
revictual victualer
sclerotia sectorial
searingly yearlings
seduction suctioned
shockable shoeblack
sidetrack trackside
sprightly triglyphs
staunched unscathed
stumbling tumblings
subaltern unstabler
swordplay wordplays
teamworks workmates
terminals tramlines
transduce underacts
traplines triplanes
tribunals turbinals
underflow wonderful
underlaps uplanders
underpays unsprayed
warstling wrastling
abductores subcordate
admonisher harmonised
admonisher rhodamines
algorithms logarithms
amphoteric metaphoric
anchorites antechoirs
archfiends franchised
becharming chambering
bolstering lobstering
bromeliads mislabored
carpetings precasting
chaptering repatching
chromatids dichromats
chromatins monarchist
chrysolite chrysotile
configures refocusing
corelating relocating
cremations manticores
curtilages graticules
deflations defoliants
discounter introduces
discounter rediscount
discounter reductions
dormancies mordancies
earthlings slathering
escaloping opalescing
fornicated fractioned
glycosuria graciously
granulites resaluting
harmonised rhodamines
headspring springhead
impersonal prolamines
implanters reimplants
importancy patronymic
importunes resumption
inoculates inosculate
introduces rediscount
introduces reductions
isothermal thimerosal
longitudes ungodliest
miscounted undomestic
misfortune uniformest
monarchies nomarchies
neoplastic pleonastic
outcharmed outmarched
patronised predations
peculators speculator
pocketfuls pocketsful
previously viperously
rediscount reductions
regulation urogenital
revictuals victualers
shockingly shylocking

  Posted by Charlie on 2016-12-07 13:32:40
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