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Numbered Letters II (Posted on 2011-05-09) Difficulty: 3 of 5
Consider the values of the individual letters in Numbered Letters in their original order.

What are the English words that have a total letter value of exactly 100 when you add up all of the letters, whenever:

(I) Each of the letters in the odd positions have the same values as in the original system, but the letters in the even positions are assigned the values in reverse order (a=1, b=26, c=3, d=24, e=5, f=22, ..., y=25, z=2)?

(II) Each of the the letters in the even positions have the same values as in the original system, but the letters in the odd positions are assigned the values in reverse order(a=25, b=2, c=23, d=4, e=21, f=6, ..., y=1, z=26)?

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Some Thoughts Just for kicks Comment 4 of 4 |

I also added a check to see if any words had a value of 100 in more than one of the three schemes (the two from this problem and the original):

my @results0;
my @results1;
my @results2;
my @results3;
my @results4;
my @results5;

open WORDLIST, "<words.dat" or die $!;
chomp $_;
@word = split(//, $_);
my @totals = (0,0,0);
foreach (@word)
my $v = ord($_)-96;
$totals[0] += $v;
$totals[1] += $v%2?$v:28-$v;
$totals[2] += $v%2?26-$v:$v;
if ($totals[0] == 100) { push @results0, join '', @word; }
if ($totals[1] == 100) { push @results1, join '', @word; }
if ($totals[2] == 100) { push @results2, join '', @word; }
if ($totals[1] == 100 && $totals[2] == 100) { push @results3, join '', @word; }
if ($totals[0] == 100 && $totals[1] == 100) { push @results4, join '', @word; }
if ($totals[0] == 100 && $totals[2] == 100) { push @results5, join '', @word; }
close (WORDLIST);

print $#results0+1, " for original:\n@results0\n";
print $#results1+1, " for part 1:\n@results1\n";
print $#results2+1, " for part 2:\n@results2\n";
print $#results3+1, " for parts 1 and 2:\n@results3\n";
print $#results4+1, " for original and part 1:\n@results4\n";
print $#results5+1, " for original and part 2:\n@results5\n";

1297 for original:

abatements abettors abrogative absconders acclimation accounter accumulate acknowledge acolytes acquitted acromegaly activates addressing adiabatically adulthood advantaging adverting aerofoils aerometer affectation afghanistan aggresses agrology airdrops alertest alienation alkalinize allottable alpinist alternated ambulating amiableness amortise amphiboles amputees amusedly analysis anchoritic aneurism anginous anglophobia animaters annually answerable anterior anvilling aphrodisia apoplectic apostacy appeasers appertain applying appointed apropos aquamarine arbitrages archdiocesan archenemies arrests arrivals arrowy asbestos assafoetida atonally attitude attunes auctorial audiophile augments autoclave automated avocation avouching awfully azurite backswept backtracking backwardly baguettes balletomane bandwagons barkeepers barytone baulkiest bedazzles bedposts beetroot beginnings benediction bergamots besmircher bespangles bespreading bestirred bestridden bettering bevellers bewitching biathlons bioassayed bipartite birthmark biweeklies blasphemes blastoffs blazoning blighters blissful blowtube bluegums bolstered bonhomies bonneting boohooing boondoggled bootblacks bootery boozers borrowed boskiest botanist bouillon boulevard boundary bowerlike bowknot boycott brachiation bractlets breviary brezhnev bronchus bronzy browser bruiting brushier bulgurs bullnose burnished byplays cacophony calvities camphorate candidature cannibalized cantrips captaincies carboxyl cardiograph carotenes carouser carpenter carroty caryatids catechisms causeries cavitates censurable centipedes centupled ceramicist chaplaincies charwomen chastening chattery chemurgy cherishing chimpanzee chippewas chirpily choiceness chondrule choppers chortles chromium chucklers chutist clangoring clangoured clarifiers classily cleanliest clerkdoms clinically clockwise clotting clumsier coarsest coasters coatroom coattails coauthered colleagues collecting colonials cometary commandeered commercing companion comport condensate confabulate confederated congeners congenital congress conjoint conjugated conjunct connivance conniver consigns contented cooingly cookeries cookout coonskin coplots coquets corkiest cornmeals corridor coryzal cossets costumed cotillon cotters coulombs courses courter cousins coverlet coverup coyness crankiest cravenly credentialed creepiest creosote crimsoned crudity cruising crummier crusados crusts culture culvers cumulated curdlers curettage curlily cutdown cutesier cutlases cutlets cutout cuttles cutups danewort debarkation debaucheries decalcomanias declarative declension decorous decrypted deescalating defections defeminized deflators degausses deliberates delineating deliquesce delivery delouses demobilize demodulate dempster denominate denounces depletion deploring derivers derogating descriers desegregated desiccative designers desolates despatches deterring dewberry diagonally dialyzer digestive dilatants dilatator dinginess diphtheric disarranged discernible discipline disclaiming discommode discredited disjoint disjunct dislodging dispraise dissuader distancing distrait divinely diviners divorcees dockyards dominates dooryard doubleheader doughty draftsmen drawlers driveling drizzle droopier droshky drossy dryrot dualities ducklings ducktails duetting dumpily duologue durative dyslectic earwigging ebullient ecstasies egoistical ejections electives electorial elephants elsewhere emasculate embodiment emboldening embowers emendation empathetic emptily encapsuled enclasping encrust encumbers enlivens ensorceled ensurer entrains envoys eponymic equalized equipages erasions espouse estopped etherized ethylated eugenist eulogize eunuchoid euphenics eventual everting evolves excavates excellent excerpted excoriate execrates exhibiter exigencies explains explodes exserted extendible extracted fairyism falseness falsities fantasts farriery farrows fatalisms fatalistic fatherhood fattiest feldspars felinity ferments ferrites ferrums ferryman filtering finitely firebombing firebricks fishnets fissioned fivepins flaccidities flagellates fleawort flockiest floosies fluorine flurry fondlings footpaces forebearing foredoomed forefoot foresides forewarn forgiver forsaking fountain fraughts freshest freshets friendlier frisson frogeyes fuehrers fumeless furcular furless furuncle garnishes gauntlet gauntly gemsbucks generating geographer germanely gladiolus glimpses glissando glittered glorifies glowfly glutamate glycogenic gobbledegook godparent goldbricks golliwog gooneys governs grandaunt grappling graybeards greatening greenflies grenadiers grillers grimiest grindery groggily groover grouper grouts grovelled growly grumpy guarantied gullibly gusseted guttered guttier gypsies halftones hammerers haranguing harmonics harrying headhunts healthily heelpost hegemonies hematites hemoglobin heritably hexarchies highways hinderers hiroshima hirsute hitchhikes hobbyist hoboisms hollandaise hollering holograph honduras honeycomb honoring honoured hoofbound hooligans hooters hospital hotblooded hotness housemen howlers humblest hungrier hurrayed hussies hutzpah hydrates hypoxic hyraxes hysons identifies ideologies idolisms ignifying imbroglio immature immitigable impaction impaneling imparter impellor imported impotence imprest impugnable inadequacy inanities inapplicable incubating inductees inefficient infernos inferring inflation infringer ingroup ingrown inkiness innately innovate inoculate insecticide inshrined intellect interbreed interfaces interfere intrenched ioniums irritate isolates jailhouse jillions jimmying jostles judiciary jumblers jumbucks junkets jurassic justing keyboards keyholes kibitzer kissers knappers knockoffs knothole knouts knowledged kohlrabies lacquerer lagniappes lambskins laminating landholding landscaping languished largeness latinized lavenders lazulis lazyish leaderless leaseholds legumins leveraging liberalism liberator ligaments lightest lightning likelihood liminess limpidly lodicules loginess logrolled longship loopers lowlands lubricant luckiest lumpens lunchers luniest lunkers machismos macrocosm magistral magnetize mailboxes maintains mamelukes mantises marauders margarins marinates marshalcy martinet martingale masochism mastoids matchless matchmaking matrons mattedly maximize mealworm measurer meetness mercantile mercurial merganser merrily mezuzah microbus midpoint milwaukee mimickers minuses minuter mirrored misbiassed miscopy misdirect miseducate mismanager missus mitoses mittens moderates molecular mollifies mongolian montaging moodiest moralism morphemic motors moults mourns mousier moussaka mouther mufflers mullers mummify murkly mutagens mutedly mythos nastily negotiated neoclassic nesters nestling neuronal nextly nighters nihilist ninepins nonbreakable noncasual noncausal nondairy nonhuman nosebleeds nostalgic notating notional novellas nucleates nutty obliques obscenely obtuser oceanarium offhandedly oilheating omittance omniarchs opaquing operetta orality ordures orients ornament oscillated osculated ossifier osteitic outflank outlier outlined outpaces outrank outreached outset ovately overboard overbore ovulated oxcarts oxtails pakistani palpitate panderers panhandling papists paramecium parleyer pasteur pastiches pasture pathless pedagogues pederastic pedicures pelleting penchants penlites percents performed perilune permits peroxided personage personal perturb pesthole phagocyte phalanxes pharisees phlebitis photogs photonic physicked picarooned piggybacks pilaster pilloried pinecones pistachio pitying plaiters plastered plateaux playgirl playoffs plebiscite plenties plenums plummet plummy plunging plushes pocketing poetized ponying poorish portland postdate posting postpaid potbellied pothook potpies pounding pouring powders practicing preachings preadapts precambrian precising predawns predeceases predicates preeners preformed preludes preordain prepacking prepays presley presser prevent primary printer prisoned problems procured producer profaning profiles profuse progeny promisee pronging proofing propjet proscenia prosier ptomainic publicly pumpkin pursue pussy putter pyritic pyrogen quadrangle qualmish quarry quarter quicklime quietened quintar quints radarscope radiocarbon raillery raincoats ransomable rasters rattails ravelers ravelling ravisher reaccusing reapplier rearguing reattaches receptor reciprocal recompiled recreating redeploy redesigns redounds redrying reenclosed reexhibit referring refinancing refinery refuting regalement regimented regionals regressed regroup regrown reimpose reissued remedying remigrated renovate repaginated repress reprint reprobate repulsed reputable reradiates reschedule researcher resents resewing reshipped reshuffle residues resolved responded restaging restocked restore resumes resurfaced retaught retiring retrenched retroact reversal revives rewound rewraps ricochets ridicules ringnecks riptides rituals riverbank riverine roadblocks roadster rockiest roomful roommate rootier rosery rosiny ruddiest rufous rulings sagebrush saintly salacious sapiencies satiating satrapy savory scannings schematics scholium scoreboard scorepads scotchmen scrapbook screwier sculpted scuttle seafowls seamster seashells seatless secreting seignorage selective semaphore semitone sennits sensoria septicemia services session setout settles setups shadowing shakedown shakeout shakeups sharpens shattered sheeneys shibboleth shipyard shivers shoofly shooter shopboy shortcake shovels shredders shrewder shrieking shrives sicklily sightly signiori silicons simulate sinewing siphons skatings skewers skiddiest skimpier skirter slaverer sleepyhead slenderer slithered slumps slyest smirching smirking smitten smokers sneerful sniffily snipers snivels snobbery snubbers socialism socrates sodiums sodomite soother soughing sourball sources soybeans spacewalked sparkler spavins specificated spenders spiciest spirited splashy splining spondaics spooler spouted sprucer spunks squares squaws squinched squint staggerer stagiest stalemated standards standers stanzas starers starfish starling status steadiers steamers stemming steppes stockier stockmen stonier stooges stools stoves strains strangled straws stress striding striker stubbles stuccos stupes styles subcranial sublethal sublimes subsume succour sucrose suffocated sunders sunnier sunward superceded surcharge surely suttas suzanne swankier swashing sweatier sweepier sweetened sweptback swifter swimmer swirls swollen syndicate syrens tabernacles taborets tailcoats tailgating tailspin tallying tangents tanzanian tattooed taurus tautens taxless taxying teardown teethers telegrams telephone telescope telluric temperance temperer temporal tensely tetanus tetragon tetrahedra tetryl thalidomide theists therefore thickening thievish thirty thorny threatened thrifts thriver thumbnail tidemarks tiderips tinkerer tinselled tipless tiredest toasty toboggans toilets tolerated tooting toroids torqued towards towers traction tramells transect transom travelog trembling triplet triply troller tropics troppo troths trounced trudging truism tsarevna tsunamic tubules tularemia tummies tumoral tuneably tuppence turkey turnoff turtled tussled twangler twisted typefaces unaltered unavailable unbeholden unbeloved unbounded unbridgeable unbroken unchaining uncombined underdone undergird underlay undress unequaled unfasten unfreeze unhorse unironed unitive unkempt unlighted unlinks unmanly unmodified unmown unprimed unrelated unrisen unrobing unshelled unthreaded untidier unwarned unwilled unwove upsets urbanest urbanized urologic urticaria useless utensil uxorial vacuolate vacuums variety varnished vehemency venation venially verbalize verdancies verdicts vibists vinous violins vivifier volleyed vortical vouchsafe voyaging vulgars wanters warpers washdays washings watchdogs watergate wattles weariest wednesday weeniest whenever whinnier whirling whiskey whisking whistled wholely wholesale whooper whorish whumps wigglers willets windfalls wirehaired wizards woeness woodblock wrathing wreakers wreathy wriggles writing wronger xylose yappers yardbirds yarrow yeasting yelpers zesting zincifies zinkify zithern

1379 for part 1:

abatements abeyancy abjures abnegation abuttals academicism acceptably accessory accompanied acronyms acropolis actualities adjoins adjudge adulated adulterer aerosols affirmance afflicts affrays afterimages agronomy airdrops albinos albumin alienists alleviation allowed allspices amateurism amativeness ambergris ambulance ambulant ambush amerindian analyses andantino anginous annuities antagonized anterooms antifreezes antilabor antipodal antiquing antiserum anviltops apostasy apothecary apothegms appendages application appointed appointees appraisals appreciable aqueduct arbitrary ardours armouring arousers artillery ascenders ascertaining ascription aspersers assaulter assenters assertion assimilate assistor associator assuasive assuring attachments attainments attractively auctioned audacities australian avouchers babble bacchantes backhand backhoes backless backspaces baddy baguettes bailable balcony baldrick banality bandanas bankable banyans barbell barfly barnacled barometric bashers basicity bastille baulky bawlers beastly bedazzles beechiest begriming beheads belching believeth bellevue benjamin beriberi bermuda besieged bestialize bigotry bigwigs bikeway billies biologic biotins biotype bisecting bivouacs blancmange blankest blankets blasting bleached bleakly blender blenny blesser bloaters blocked blonde bloomer blunter blurts boarish boffo boggled boilers bonkers bookies borings botanist bottomer bound boycott boyos braiding brandy brashes brashier brasils brassy brawlier breakwater breathing breeding breviaries bribed brickiest bridges bridler briefcase brimmed bringers briniest britches brochette brothel bruiser buchanan buckoes buenos bugbane bugling bulbar bulging bunkerage bunny buoyage burden buriers burned burses buskin byway cableway caddish caffeines cakewalked calculus california calluses camelopard cameroonian camisoles cannabism cannibalize cannoneers canopying capsicums carboxyl carcinogens cardamons cardsharp carrousel caryatids castaways castigators catalysts catapulting catbirds catechisms catheterized cautioned certifiers chairmaned chariness charlady charwoman chastening chatterbox checkpoint chequers chickadees chiefly chippered chlorals chopstick chowder chukkers chumming circulated civilness clienteles clowned clutched cluttered codders coequating coherency cohesion coiffed collude coloratura colorism combaters commented complexest condoner condors conducive confabs confecting congested congregating connection consigns consumer contaminant contemplate contraction contractual contravenes controls coonskin copulates cordons coronachs corralled corrugator corselets coruscative coughers councils courtiers cousins cowhand cowherd coyness crabbers crenelation crewless critically crocodile crossers crosspiece crowdy crudity crullers crumply crunched cryotron cubebs culpable cumshaw curlily cyanides cyclicly cyclones cystitis daiquiri dalliers damnable danewort daphnias daredevil darlings deadpans deafened deafish debauch decaliters decapitated deceivable decently declaimed declined decoded decongest defacement defiles deflates deftly degraded degreased delawarean delayed delivery demands demarches demising demonetize demonical demoralize demount demurral deniable department depleting deponing depravity deprivers deputing derogating desecrator deserted despoil deteriorate detonator detrained devilment devours dewlaps diallers diamond dibber dieresis dilatants dilemmas diluvian dipoles directly disable disarrange disdain dislocate dispirit disprove divested divvying doctrinal dodging dolled donation donjon dovecotes downier drapeable drearily dredging drenches driveling drolls droopier drubs druidic dryly duckiest duelers dumping dungeon dunking dusky dustman ecclesiastic economizes edgeless education effectuate egalitarians egotistical egyptians elatedly electrums elephants eliminator eluders embanking emendating empathizing enamelling enclasping encourages encroached endows enflamed enhaloed enlisted enlistees enmeshes enquires enrobing enrolment ensilaged entombs entrancement enunciator equalized equatable eradicable escaloped escapisms estopped eternally ethicists etiology etruscans eucalypti eugenicist eulogist everlasting everyway exaltations exculpating excursion excusable exhibits exogamous exoneration exorbitance exorbitant expectorated experimenter explodes extrauterine extremists extroverted eyebolt falchion falsity fameless familiars fantailed fantasizes farrows fascists fashion fatheads faulkner feathered feckless federator feltings feminacies fencible fenugreek ferrums ferryman fibulae fiddle fideles fidgety fifths fighters filching fileable filtering filthy finialed finland finniest firebug fishing flakily flattering flavoring fleawort flenses flinder flipped flukey fluking fodder foliated footpaces foozling forded forepeaks foresees forewarn formalin forums fossil fourteen freelances freights freshes frisked frothy fruiterer fruiting fugued fully funds funned furnaced fusion gabbles gatherings gaucheries gelatinized generality geodesy geothermal gerunds gesturing gibbets gilberts gimmickry girdlers gladsome glimpses glissade glosses glossier godding goofiest gooneys gormandize gossips governess grabbing grandads grandaunt grayness greenhorn grossing grouches grouchier growled grungiest gruntles guarantied guessed gumless gumshoe gunpoint hafnium halfback handcarts handiest harassing hatchable hatcheries headily hearsays heelpost hellenes henpecking herewith heritable hermitry hesitating hexapods heyday hijinks himalayan hindrance hipless hoarding hoboes hoisted hollies hoorahs hopsacks horniest hornlike horsepox hospital hotness hovercraft hoyles huaraches humour hunkers husked hyacinth imagination immigrating impaneling impelled implicated inactivities inasmuch inaugural incloses incomplete increments indignant induced inferring inflating inflicts infold informal infringer infuser ingestion ingrafted inheritor inkiness inkstand inpours insinuate insolence insolent inspecting instarred instigator intactness integration interfirm internment interplay interpolar interprets intersects intervened intimation intimidate intolerance intolerant intoxicated inveighing inveiglers inventors involvers inwards ioniums irrupting isologs isotropic jabbed jackdaws jobber jointure jostles jounced jousts jubilee judging judith jukebox juncture jungles junglier jurassic justers kerplunk keyless kibosh kickstand kidnaped kingless kinkajou knitwears knuckles knucklier ladykin lambdas lamination lapidated larkspur larruping lassoing lavenders lavished legalists legrooms leningrad leonardo lethargies leukemias lewdest liberator librating licensers lienteries linebacker linefeed listable listened liturgical locations loessial longish loused ludwig luffs lukewarm lumpens lurching lushes lutenist lutists machinery machinized maddens madrigals maelstrom magdalens magistrates mainlines malfeasance malfeasant mallards mammalians managements manicured manipulate manitous marauding marblers marjorams martyries massacrers masscult mastication mastless matchmaking mathematics matriarchy mattedly maturation meadows mesmerizes metabolize metrifies microbes microbian microcosm micrograms micrograph micrologic mildens milfoil millibar minuend minuses mischief miscible misdirect misreads missus mistimed moderates moderns modish modular moisture molecular mondos monocles moochers moonrise moralizers morphemic moslems mossers mothered mounted moussaka moviedom muckraking mullers multiple mummery munched muskits mutilates myself mythos nahuatls negotiants nicaraguans nitpickers noncentral nonelective nonevents northeast nostrum nucleonic nudgers nudism nuptials obeyed objector obverting occidents occulters octuply oligarchs opacified opalesced operands oppugns orchids organismic orientating originals ostensive oughted outfacing outhits outranges outsell outswam overanalyze overattentive overconcern overheating overleaping overpricing overruns overslipt overuses overweigh ownable pandemics panderers paperbacks papyrus parachutes paradises parasitized parenticide parodied passings passway pastured paternities pathless patricides patronized pattypans pecuniary pedagogical pediatrics peduncle pegboard peignoirs pentameters peppermint percolating pericardial peripheral peristaltic perjures perpetrated pesthole petrologic phantasy pharisees photoing pickwicks piddler piedmont pigskins pinocchio pioneering placably plantings plastered platoons playmates plenums plottiest plowers plummy plunging poignancy poinsettia pokeweed pompons ponytail poorish popcorns popguns portland portrays postpaid postpone posturer pouched preachings prearranging precooked predicted prefixion premedics premeditate preordain preregister preseason presentence pressmark pretention preunion previewing primitives proclerical procured prodder producer progenitive projected proletariate prominence prominent prompting proposal protectorate protestant protists provides pschents puffin pugnacity punching punditic punkins purpled pursuit putoff pyromania quahogs quakily quarantine quatrains questing quietus quilted quintics quipped rabbinate radarscope radiometer raffled railleries raininess ramblers rapeseeds rationalizer reacquires reascends reattempting reawakening reboils recapitalizes recapturing receptions receptivity reciprocates recollects recombine reconquer recopying recruiters rectifiers recusants reembarks reenslaves referable refinery refrained refuters regilded regimented regressor regrowing regurgitant rehearings rehearsing reindexed reinterred reinvented reinvoking rejoined reloaded remended remortgages renaissance renowns repacified repertory replaceable repressive reproaches requester requiting resettled resisting resolved restocked retardants retrorocket reverberant reverifies revertible revivifies rewinder rheologic ribbed ribbon rigidly rinsable rippliest rosalyn royalty rubatos ruddle rumbaed ruminates runniest rurality rushing sabbats sacrifices saddest saliencies salinizing sanctifier sandhog sandpile sapphist saviours scabby scannings schematics schemery schnapps scoffs scorching scorekeeper scotchmen scotland scouters scriveners scrutinize scurfy scurviest seawalls secretory security seductive seedcases seedsman segmented segregation selectors selenites selfsame sellout semaphore semiotics senoritas separators serialized session seventeens shackling shafting shakeout shamble shammers shapable sharifs sharpens shattered sheerly shellier shelvers shingler shipment shirttail shoaled shojis shotting shovels sibling sidearms signalers sikhism silencers sinewing sistering sketchers skilled skittering slapjacks slatterns sledged sliceable slimming slippages slugging slumps smartening snaillike sneakily snickered sniggered snippers snoopy snooted snorters snowed snuggest solfeggi sonatinas sortable souled spaceship specializes spectators sphincter spittoon splining spoiled spoony spoored sporrans sprawls springed spurting squarest squaws squires stabling stalemated standers stateless statements statuses steadiers stepwise stickily sticklers stigmatizes stillest stimulate stipples stoneware stoppers storable streamline strickles striding stripping stunting stylets subclan subject succored suckling sulfite sulkies summers summital sundog surfaces survived suzerains sveltely swankest swanned swarmers swathed swifts swizzled sylvans synchs syncopic tadpoles talismans tasteful tasteless teardown teargassing teentsiest teetotalers telepathy telephone tempesting tenderers tepidity territory testaments testicular tetanuses thanatoid thearchies theatricals theoretical therefore thickening thralled threatened threescore threesome throttler thrummer thruput thwackers thwarting tidemarks tightened tightwad timbered tinseled tinsmith tintypes tissues titanisms toffies toilsome tonights tonsils toroids torqued totalitarian touchup towards tramways trapeziums triangulate triceratops triplicates trippings trisection triturator triumvirate trivially trodden troughs trounced troupers trudging trusteed trusters trysting tuftiest tuneups turgescence twentieth twilight twirlers twitched twittered typecasts typefaces typifier typists tyrannis uglify ultimates umbels umbles unabated unawaked unbolt unborn unbred uncharges uncloaks unextravagant unfixing unkennel unlearns unmown unnerving unpeople unready unreeled unshaven unsling unsnaps unstated untasted untaught untidier unveiled unweaving unwraps unzipping updaters uproots upswept velocipede verandahs verdures verticality vesuvians vicegerencies vilified villadom virilities vitalisms vitaminized vituperative volumed volunteer vowelizes walkings walkway walloon warbles wariness warranties washrags waveband waxwings weaponing wearisome weatherman westering westernize whamming whelky whereof whickers whiners whippier whistle whitecaps whooper wifely winding wintling wished woeness wolfram worthier wrangled writhing wursts yellow yodeler zillions zucchinis

945 for part 2:

abates absinths absolve absurder acridly addicts adjustor adulthood advised affront again airbrush alack alarms allayed alleyway allures allying altar ameban aments ammonify amusing androids apposed apter argots arrowed asbestos asepsis assails assuredly assyria auditor autonomy avower awarded awfulness babblings backsaw badging balkans balkers bandsmen bangles banter baptism baseborn basters battle batwing bawdiness beachboys beadmen beagle beanie bedlamps bedstraw beefing befuddlers behooved bellower beloveds bengals benignly besting betroth biasness bilging billings birdhouses bitchily blarneys bloodroot blowsiest blueberry bluegill bluenoses bolloxes bombarded boozing boskiest boughten bountyless bovinely boweries brambles brazil breasts bricked brioche brisket brollies bucolics budapest bulkiness bulldozes bumpered bunkered bureaux burglary burlesque buttress byproduct caboose cache cadets cadmium calked camass cambism camden cameos candidly candour cantos carbons cashbox casted catchy caught cession cheaps chiasms chimer chitons cholers choric choruses christs chutist cirques clangs clashed clauses clomped clonic clonked clubbier cobalts cobbling cockups cocoas cocoons coddlers codling collide collied colored comedown comfreys commune condemn condoled conduct confers confided confute conjoin connie cookery cooper coping coplots copras corset corundums cosines cosmoses coster costume cotans cottony coulees counsels cowpoke cowries crabbily cream creepy crepey crinkly crowbar cruelty crumber crumped crusados crusher cuckolds cullets cultic cummers cumquat curding curial cutlery cutworms cynosure dacoit dakota damosels dampens dapper darkie darner dashier dashikis daystar debates debunker decibel decorous deeding deface defaults defrayed deftness degummed deigned dements demonism demurer denials denver despises detent detests deviously devisor devoirs dharmas diablery dianthus dicier didacts dillydally diluents dilution dinking disjoint disjunct dislikes dismisses disorder disports disquiet ditches dittoes divulge docents dogfishes dolesome dotage dotiest downbeat draughty drawing drayman driver drowning drudging drumrolls drynesses dubiousness duellers dumpling dwarfisms dwarves echoism edgier eighths elflock elvishly embosser emptily emulsion endorsed enfant engirds englobe enormous enthused eolian equinely equites errand escort essayer etches euchred eutrophy evades exoduses expend expose extoll eyesore facers faggot farces fastens fatness faucet faunally fellness festers fettle finespun finesses firmers fishnets fisting fizzed flambee flapped flavoury fleshers flimsies flitted flopper flouters fluffiest flutings footman footpads footsies forage forayer foregut forelimb forepaw foreruns forgers forgone forking formats formerly formfeed forties foxholes fraying fretsaw fullback fulnesses fungosity furnished furrower gabfest gained gallons garfish gaslit genres ghoulishly giddier giftedly girlhood givens glace glassfuls glassily glibbest glorious glossary gnawer goethe goonies gophers gougers grains greens groats grueled gudgeons gullible gumming gunfire halloas halvah halyards handymen hangdog hankie haploids happen hardies harmfully harness hatless hatpin hauling hawkweed haywires hearse hearth heckle heeders heights hibachi highest hobnobbing hogtied holdback holdfasts homeless homework hoosiers hooting hopheads horehound horsier housemen humphing huntress hurlings hurrayed hurrying huskiest hutzpa hypoxic iberia ichorous ictuses identify ignore immunity implied included indelibly indites indorsor infancy ingroup iniquity inkpots innuendo inquests insulted insurer intuits invoke iodized irking ironic israel jailors jambing jammer jayvee jellies jennet jewfishes jillions jingles jocosity jotter joyridden joyrider jumpier junkier jurywoman kaliphs kalpas kansan kickoffs kielbasy kilobar kiloton kindreds kingdoms kismets knights knobbier knowings labials lacked lagged laguna laming lanais landlord laptop laurels lawlessly laxer laywomen legmen levies lianas libelously lignins limbier lingam linings lipper loafers lobelia locker locknut logger lonelily looping looters lordships loudlier lounger lousiest loyaler lubricous luckies luggies lunging lurking lusciously lustier lyrebirds macer mahjong maidhoods malign mallei mantes mantids manured manwise maoists marilyn marmot mascons maunder medaled meddlers medicks medlars melding memoirs merest mermen merrily messman meters metonyms metres miasma middling midmonth midwifery mikvah millers mimeoed mingled minxish misfiles misjudged misrules missorts mixers modeler modistes moldable moldboard monkeyed monofuels morale morgan mosquitos moulter mourner mouthwash mudguards muscats musketry muzzily mystiques nebulae needles nemesis nerved netted neurosis niblick nixies nonunion nooning normals normandy nucleon nymphets obliger obscurely obsequies ocurred oenology offloaded oilseeds oilskins oldsters olympics onerously opaquely opinion opposer 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tiller timing tipless tiptop togaed tomato tonsured toolers toothily toppled tourers townhouse towrope trait tricks triton trollop trouser trustily tubularly tuneably turnouts turtled twiners twopenny ululate unarmed unbridles unbroken uncloses undenied underlay underwind unitary unlace unlisted unrobing unsorted unthawed untoward uproars uracil uvularly vacua vacuums valet valkyrs valleys valours vender verbal violins visards visored vivre vizir vocals voiders vroomed wafters wagner wallets wantonly warding warworks washings waving wednesday weeper weldable wellhole wheeze whipcord whirlybird whisking whitman whoppers whoresons wienies windfalls windowsill windproof wingless winters wipeouts witlessly wizards womanhood workbags workroom woundingly wrinkle yahooisms yardman yelping yenning yipping yodeller yoghourts zebecs zipped

0 for parts 1 and 2:

117 for original and part 1:

abatements airdrops anginous appointed baguettes bedazzles botanist boycott carboxyl caryatids catechisms chastening consigns coonskin cousins coyness crudity curlily danewort delivery derogating dilatants driveling droopier elephants enclasping equalized estopped explodes farrows ferrums ferryman filtering fleawort footpaces forewarn glimpses gooneys grandaunt guarantied heelpost hospital hotness impaneling inferring infringer inkiness ioniums jostles jurassic lavenders liberator lumpens matchmaking mattedly minuses misdirect missus moderates molecular morphemic moussaka mullers mythos panderers pathless pesthole pharisees plastered plenums plummy plunging poorish portland postpaid preachings preordain procured producer radarscope refinery regimented resolved restocked scannings schematics scotchmen semaphore session shakeout sharpens shattered shovels sinewing slumps splining squaws stalemated standers steadiers striding teardown telephone therefore thickening threatened tidemarks toroids torqued towards trounced trudging typefaces unmown untidier whooper woeness

50 for original and part 2:

adulthood asbestos boskiest chutist coplots crusados decorous disjoint disjunct emptily fishnets housemen hurrayed hypoxic ingroup jillions merrily perturb plummet pounding pouring problems progeny putter pyrogen reissued residues sennits sheeneys shivers shrewder shrives snipers snivels soughing swashing theists tipless tuneably turtled unbroken underlay unrobing vacuums violins washings wednesday whisking windfalls wizards

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  Posted by DJ on 2011-05-09 23:58:41

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