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Reflected Halves (Posted on 2013-02-19) Difficulty: 3 of 5
The triple of words LIES, SEAM, MAIL has a property that the first half of each word is the reflection of the second half of the previous word in the list (wrapping around last to first at the end).
Are there more triples like this?
How long of a list can be constructed?

For five letter words DEVIL, LIMIT, TIMED comes close, with the V in DEVIL not matching the middle Ms in the other words.
Does a proper five letter triple exist?
What about six letter words (Halves of three letters)?

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re: computer exploration | Comment 3 of 5 |
(In reply to computer exploration by Charlie)

I just realized there were no actual triples of 4-letter words. So, now allowing plurals of common words:

aged dear raga aged
aged deem mega aged
ages sear raga ages
ages seas saga ages
ages seem mega ages
alls slag gala alls
alls slob bola alls
amid dial lama amid
amir rial lama amir
ares sees sera ares
arid dies sera arid
aver real lava aver
avid dial lava avid
baas sacs scab baas
baas saws swab baas
bait tics scab bait
bait tits stab bait
bale ells slab bale
boar rank knob boar
boar raws swob boar
boas sank knob boas
boas sans snob boas
boas saws swob boas
boat tank knob boat
boat tans snob boat
boil link knob boil
bole ells slob bole
boob bows swob boob
boom monk knob boom
boom mows swob boom
boon nows swob boon
boor rows swob boor
boos sols slob boos
boos sons snob boos
boos sows swob boos
boot tons snob boot
boot tows swob boot
bout tuns snob bout
brew week kerb brew
burg grad daub burg
clef feat talc clef
clog goat talc clog
crew wean narc crew
dado odor road dado
dais sics scad dais
dams smog goad dams
dank knot toad dank
dank know woad dank
dart trot toad dart
dart trow woad dart
deaf fail lied deaf
deaf fake eked deaf
deal laid died deal
deal lake eked deal
deal laps sped deal
dean nail lied dean
dean naps sped dean
dear raid died dear
dear rail lied dear
dear rake eked dear
dear raps sped dear
deed deem meed deed
deed deep peed deed
deed deer reed deed
deem meet teed deem
deep peen need deep
deep peep peed deep
deep peer reed deep
deep pees seed deep
deep peke eked deep
deep pelf fled deep
deep peps sped deep
deer reef feed deer
deer reps sped deer
deli ills sled deli
demo omen need demo
demo omit tied demo
dens snip pied dens
dens snit tied dens
dens snot toed dens
dies seal laid dies
dies seam maid dies
dies sear raid dies
dies seas said dies
diet teal laid diet
diet team maid diet
diet tear raid diet
diet teas said diet
dins snap paid dins
dips spar raid dips
dips spas said dips
dire eras said dire
dirt tram maid dirt
dirt trap paid dirt
docs scow wood docs
dodo odor rood dodo
dohs show wood dohs
dons snow wood dons
doom moor rood doom
door roof food door
door room mood door
dots stow wood dots
drag gaol lord drag
drat taut turd drat
drew weal lard drew
drew ween nerd drew
drop poof ford drop
drop pool lord drop
drop pout turd drop
dual lacs scud dual
dual laps spud dual
duel lets stud duel
dues seal laud dues
dues secs scud dues
dues sets stud dues
duet teal laud duet
duos sops spud duos
duos sots stud duos
edge egis side edge
egos soap page egos
egos soar rage egos
ekes seal lake ekes
ekes seam make ekes
ekes sear rake ekes
ekes seas sake ekes
ekes seat take ekes
ekes seep peke ekes
elan naif file elan
elks skas sale elks
elks skim mile elks
elks skip pile elks
elks skit tile elks
ells slag gale ells
ells slam male ells
ells slap pale ells
ells slat tale ells
ells slaw wale ells
ells slim mile ells
ells slip pile ells
ells slit tile ells
ells slop pole ells
ells slot tole ells
ells slum mule ells
ells slur rule ells
elms smit tile elms
emir rial lame emir
emir riot tome emir
emus suit time emus
eras sago ogre eras
eras sail lire eras
erst tsar rare erst
etas sail lite etas
even neap pave even
even near rave even
ever real lave ever
ever reap pave ever
ever rear rave ever
eves seal lave eves
eves sear rave eves
eves seas save eves
evil liar rave evil
eyes sets stye eyes
fear rail lief fear
feat tail lief feat
feel leer reef feel
fees seer reef fees
flew weep pelf flew
flew wees self flew
flip pies self flip
flit ties self flit
flog goes self flog
flow woes self flow
flus sues self flus
fool loop poof fool
fort trow woof fort
frat taus surf frat
frat taut turf frat
fret tees serf fret
frog goes serf frog
frog gout turf frog
gain nils slag gain
gain nits stag gain
gait tins snag gait
gait tits stag gait
gaol lots stag gaol
gaol lows swag gaol
gnat tail ling gnat
gnat taus sung gnat
gnaw wail ling gnaw
gnaw wait ting gnaw
gnus suit ting gnus
goal lams smog goal
goat tams smog goat
goer rems smog goer
goop pols slog goop
goos sols slog goos
guru urns snug guru
harp prey yeah harp
hart trey yeah hart
hoop poop pooh hoop
hots stop pooh hots
hows swop pooh hows
ills slat tali ills
inks skim mini inks
ires seas sari ires
irks skas sari irks
keel leer reek keel
keel lees seek keel
keep peel leek keep
keep peep peek keep
keep peer reek keep
keep pees seek keep
keep pert trek keep
keno ones seek keno
knew weal lank knew
knew wear rank knew
knew weir rink knew
knot toil link knot
laps spew weal laps
lees seep peel lees
lees seer reel lees
lets step peel lets
lido odor roil lido
lien neap pail lien
lien near rail lien
lien neat tail lien
lies seam mail lies
lies sear rail lies
lies seas sail lies
lies seat tail lies
lips span nail lips
lips spar rail lips
lips spas sail lips
lips spat tail lips
lips spot toil lips
list tsar rail list
loom moot tool loom
loop poop pool loop
loot toot tool loot
lops spot tool lops
lots stop pool lots
lots stow wool lots
lows swop pool lows
maim mils slam maim
main nils slam main
mats stet team mats
meat tats stem meat
meet tees seem meet
meow woes seem meow
mews swop poem mews
mien news swim mien
moat tarp prom moat
naps spew wean naps
neon noes seen neon
nets step peen nets
nets stet teen nets
nets stew ween nets
nils slap pain nils
nils slaw wain nils
nils slur ruin nils
nips spar rain nips
nips spur ruin nips
nits star rain nits
noes seep peon noes
odes seer redo odes
ores seat taro ores
pear rats step pear
peat tarp prep peat
peat tats step peat
peep pees seep peep
peep pets step peep
pees sees seep pees
pees sets step pees
peps spew weep peps
pets stew weep pets
pois sits stop pois
pols slop poop pols
poop pots stop poop
poor rots stop poor
poor rows swop poor
pour ruts stop pour
pout tuts stop pout
psst tsar rasp psst
raps spew wear raps
rats stet tear rats
rats stew wear rats
rems smit tier rems
reps spew weer reps
reps spit tier reps
riot tots stir riot
rips spew weir rips
runs snot tour runs
scow woes secs scow
seat taus sues seat
sets stet tees sets
sets stew wees sets
sets stow woes sets
slow woos sols slow
snot toot tons snot
snot tout tuns snot
snow woos sons snow
sort trow woos sort
sots stow woos sots
spat taus sups spat
spot toot tops spot
stat taut tuts stat
stet teat tats stet
suet teat taus suet
toot tort trot toot

  Posted by Charlie on 2013-02-19 18:50:26
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